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Until None Remain | Early Access Review

So what can I say about ‘Until None Remains’; we were graced with a bundle of Battle Royale style games this year including the likes of PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. So what separates Until None Remain from the rest. Well Until None Remain is a futuristic Battle Royale style game which includes your average weapons ranging from shotguns and snipers to pistols. But with the inclusion of Laser and pulse based weapons too. With the likes of DayZ and H1Z1 opening up the Battle Royale genre many years ago, what can we see coming in the future?

As Until None Remains is an Early Access Game there wasn’t much content to dig my teeth into. It included a tutorial for learning all you want to know about the game and how to play and 2 maps, one set indoors in a research/storage facility, while the other is set in the harsh alien wastelands of an unknown planet base. Both of these maps offer their pros and cons and come with two completely different styles of playing.

The indoor map is enclosed and offers tight corners and loads of rooms with weapons, guns and armour to pick up. There are also hazards, traps and turrets throughout the map changing up the carnage. For a PC game, the environment and surroundings offered mediocre detail only offering last gen console graphics that we have been used to since 2010, however being an early access game it offers detailed environments and offers a lot of scenery, props and hazardous objects to use to your advantage. The center room offers a changeup in fighting causing close combat to quickly change to long-distance snipes and explosive warfare. There are also plenty of crates and walls to use to your advantage to either sneak up on your opponents or snipe from a safe high spot.

The outdoor map offers a switch in play from mostly close quarter combat to long distance. You are on an alien colony base with alien vegetation, multiple buildings and other structures. As before you have turrets, hazards and explosives to use the environment. Most of the warfare is confined to the outside but can be forced inside to change the combat at a moments notice. I would say the pros of this map is easier sniping and visibility of players around the map.

Out of the two maps, I preferred the outside map as it presented me with a challenge and much more difficult combat scenario. Until None Remains offers a simple combat system that works great with the keyboard and mouse and includes equip-able armour, jetpacks, shields and magnetic gloves, this changes the gameplay making it more than just a simple battle based game.

Games last no more than 10 minutes where the maps shrink over 3 rounds, each map shrinks in a repetitive fashion every game with the inside map, doors closing in danger areas and filling with gas once a new round begins. The outside map just closes on area coverage moving towards the center of the map on both by the end of the game.

As it is a newly developed early access game it offers bots filling player positions when there isn’t enough players in the lobby and can only include a max of 10 players per game. The server is always on and offers a unique futuristic Battle Royale gameplay.

However, there are plenty of improvements that could be included into the game by offering more dynamic maps, more detailed character customisation, random danger events changing up environmental gameplay, suits that can protect you against the radioactive material but offers little armour value. By doing so this will create more creative gameplay, tactics and give the game more unique features. It would also be great to see destructible environments on the scale like a battlefield, but create environment explosions that would represent each weapon for example grenade launcher and rockets create holes in walls or guns creating holes in walls.

This games in early access still, so expect the game to be incomplete. The graphics were mediocre at best and were not anything special even on ultra graphics settings, but that being said the ability to equip armour, use a variety of guns, explosive, shields and jetpacks helps me enjoy the game. I wouldn’t knock this game off after reading this and really urge you to give this game a try if you enjoy Battle Royale games or halo as it feels a little like halo with the armour suits and futuristic feel.

Developer: D.W.S.

Publisher: D.W.S.

Release Date: 19th December 2017

Price: £7.19 - Digital (Early Access)

File Size: 8GB

Available on Steam.

Steam copy provided for review purposes.

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