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Kustom Gaming Kommunity is proud to announce our partnership with Midgard Print and Paint, renowned specialists in crafting the finest 3D printed miniatures and terrain for both fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

In the vibrant world of gaming, whether you're immersed in a campaign or commanding armies on the tabletop battlefield, both video gaming and tabletop wargaming share a common thread of boundless imagination and thrilling adventures. This partnership embodies the synergy between these two realms, bridging the gap to offer you unparalleled gaming resources and experiences.

Midgard Minis brings a wealth of expertise in creating intricately detailed characters for your wargaming campaigns and breath-taking scenery for your tabletop wargaming battles. Their dedication to quality and innovation perfectly aligns with Kustom Gaming Kommunity's commitment to delivering top-notch gaming content and resources to our community.

With Midgard Minis by our side, the possibilities for your gaming endeavours are limitless. Picture yourself delving into ancient dungeons with exquisitely crafted miniatures representing your heroes and villains, or leading your armies across stunning landscapes dotted with immersive terrain features. The immersive experience of tabletop gaming meets the precision of 3D printing technology, all at your fingertips.

Join us in celebrating this momentous collaboration, as we embark on a journey to redefine gaming excellence together. Stay tuned for exciting updates, exclusive releases, and special offers that will enhance your gaming adventures like never before.

Thank you for being a part of the Kustom Gaming Kommunity. Together, let's paint a new canvas of gaming greatness with Midgard Minis!

The Old World Rises

We have a great selection of miniatures to build an army that you can use to roam the old world. 

  • Here we have the mighty Green Knight that lends his powers to the Bretons.

  • A dwarven miner musician that shouts encouragment to his brothers and sisters.

  • Grobnax and his loyal pet Croakulus leader of the sneaky gobbos!

The Future Is WAR!

We have a great selection of miniatures to build a SCI-FI army that you can use to conquer space. 

  • Here we have the Ironclads, they are heavily armored shocktroops.

  • A set of wounded/dying soldiers. great to spice up a base or enhance a piece of terrain.

  • The crew of the Starfly! the far future is not only filled with war, its also space merchants and pirates and here you have the crew of one of the merchant houses (80% pirates in the house)

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