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PowerA Moga XP Ultra. The all in one controller for the busy gamer. Review by Phil Brown

The PowerA Moga XP Ultra is a multi platform mobile premium gaming controller firmly aimed at the mobile gamer and in particular the Xbox Cloud gamer. Featuring a modular design which sees the controller being able to adapt to different gaming environments and styles. The standard setup of the controller will be familiar with all Xbox gamers and has a similar design to Microsoft Xbox controllers with the addition of programmable rear buttons that are perfectly placed and more tactile than paddles of say the Elite controller. The controller comes bundles with a phone cradle allowing the use and connection of Android phones (sorry iPhone users) and offers a great mobile experience for those mobile sessions. The third setup allows the grips to be removed and the controller to be used like a puck controller giving off old school NES and Megadrive vibes.

The controller comes in premium packaging bundled with the aforementioned phone cradle and a very long braded USB cable to allow for charging, unfortunately there are not the stickers that come with the Fusion Pro controllers. The controller itself definitely has some weight probably in the range of an Elite controller which I like. I assume much of the weight is due to the internal battery that after using for well over a week shows no sign of running out of charge. The official figures for the 2000mAh battery are up to 60 hours of gameplay and from what I have experienced I don’t doubt this for a minute. The plastics are very solid and it does feel like a premium product, responsive button presses both front and rear and excellent sticks with a cross hatch pattern make the gaming experience just as good as any premium competitor. The only issue I have is the B button is very close to where the grips detach and I found myself getting my thumb caught up on the seem, I do have hands like shovels though.

The controller connects flawlessly with bluestooth enabled PCs, Smart TV’s, android phones and surprisingly for a third party manufacturer the Moga XP Ultra connects directly to Xbox without the need of a dongle. Something I have not seen from any other manufacturer.

Something that is missing is the addition of trigger stops, whilst not a deal breaker I for one use trigger stops in all my FPS gaming and find it to be something that I rely on to give me a small edge which in online gaming is so important as you get older and can’t compete with the 14 year old gaming ninjas.

Overall I have really enjoyed using the Moga XP Ultra. If you do a lot of travelling or are looking for a device that will allow you to game anywhere on a whole range of devices then I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is certainly capable enough to be your main gaming controller and then be chucked in a backpack and used on a long flight with great performance and an incredible battery life.

Thank you to PowerA for supplying the review controller. KGK has in no way been paid for this review and the views are entirely those of the author.

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