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Storm Boy - A KGK Announcement

Blowfish Studio, known for the involvement in Morphite, have announced Storm Boy: The Game due to be released in late 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and finally, iOS and Android devices. Although no date has yet been pencilled in.

Storm Boy is based on a beloved Australian novella from 1964 about the friendship between a young boy and his pet Pellican, Mr Percival In case you’re like me and never heard of it, Storm Boy was written by Colin Thiele. Despite my lack of knowledge of said novella, the game has piqued my interest, as I’m a huge supporter of unique and quirky Indie titles, so this may well be right up your street too, if you are a fan of Indie games.

Based in southern Australia, near the Murray River, the story sees the young child rescue orphaned chicks and forms a bond with one in particular who he names Mr Percival. In Storm Boy, you get to take part in mini-games which include sand drawing, sailing, cockle hunting and more. You even have a chance to fly around the Coorong either alone or with flocks of other birds taking in dream-like views of untamed lagoons and Australian coastline.

Ellen Jurik, Senior Producer of Blowfish Studios said the following. “Storm Boy is a classic piece of literature in Australia, and we’re proud to adapt it for a new medium. We hope players of all ages will enjoy this story, whether it’s for the first time or through a new lens, and can’t wait to share it with the world when we release it for consoles, PC and mobile devices later this year.”

So there you have it, Storm Boy is coming to multiple platforms and mobile devices for you to enjoy sometime in late 2018. More news to follow when we have it.

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Storm Boy Trailer

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