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Frost - A KGK Review

Now, when you think of card games you usually think of things like Poker, Blackjack, casino games unless you are gamer then in our case it is Magic: The Gathering or Gwent. However with this a game a new style of card game has hit our stores and I can tell you it will have mixed reviews but this is the kind of game where I had to play it for a while to decipher its aim, content and what its place is within the gaming community.

What Is Frost?

Frost is a survival card deck building and management game. Your goal is to reach your destination in a certain amount of turns. If you use up too many turns without reaching the destination you will be consumed by the Frost. Each time you travel counts as one more between you and the distance of your goal.

You are given 10 cards at the start of the game to make do with to help you advance in your efforts to stay ahead of the Frost. T There is 4 types of cards to build your deck with, material, survivor, food and idea. In order to travel to the next stage you need to transfer the requirement amount of cards to the region section to be able to advance by another step, every time you advance you get one extra turn away from the Frost but if you end your turn and don’t advance then the Frost gets closer to you, every turn determines the distance of the Frost, for example if you have 8 turns and you use a turn without advancing because you don’t have the cards then you will have 7 remaining meaning the Frost is catching up.

There are enemies along the way that require certain idea cards to defeat such as wolves that require you to have Spear idea cards to defeat. It can make you think of strategic moves in order to escape and reach your goal. The intensity kicks in when you have 9 more steps to go with only 2 turns left, the drive that makes you question every move thinking “can this card be used? Is it worth using these cards?”

What’s Your Verdict For This Game?

Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I’m going to be the unique person and say it is a really intriguing kind of art style for a game but it isn’t my taste. The core mechanics are rather impressive and the idea behind it is really well thought but the game itself does not have that feel that can make you want to continue playing for long periods of time.

I would definitely recommend this game to people that love card based games that definitely require strategy but not for people who are looking to play a card game for the first time. This was a hard game for me because I am more familiar with racing games and shooting games, sure I play strategy like Halo Wars and Command & Conquer so that helped me make sure every move I make is a wise one but for people that only play FPS’s and other games like that I wouldn’t recommend this game for them. It is nice to see developers taking genres and saying “you know what? Let’s do something that you wouldn’t expect to see for this kind of genre.

What would I improve?

The only thing that I would recommend is do not abandon this game so soon, keep on developing and bring more content. If this is kept up it can last a really long time. Sure this game will be seen in different ways by different hardcore gamers but not every game needs to be an action thriller, Michael Bay explosion style experience, it is nice to slow it down now and then and this game is definitely the kind you’d want to play to ease the pace a bit but adding in that fair amount of intensity a card deck building game needs.

Overall Score

Developer: Jerome Bodin

Publisher: Digerati

Release Date: 20th July 2018

Price: £10.39

File Size: 666MB

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