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Chicken Assassin Reloaded - A KGK Review

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded, is a very weird game, but addictive non the less, to me it feels like Clicker Heroes meets Rambo (with a chicken).

Your name is Mean Mcallister, your mission… to stand still and press the X button! A lot. The game has been available since June 2016 over on Steam, however it has recently mad it's way to consoles.

There is 11 missions in which you get to play as Mean McAllister, as you punch, slash and shoot you way to victory, and once you are finished with that, there is Endless Mode in which to test your survival skills in. Who doesn't love a challenge?

If you like collecting loot, then you're in for a treat, as there is over 450 unique items for you to find and collect. Plenty of goodies for you to customise your character, and adding some replay value to Chicken Assassin. You may also want to include the Boss Raids on the list of things to do, adding in new items for you to collect.

Deep Customisation allows you to mix and match different clothing and weaponry load outs to boost and customise Mean McAllister’s stats and overall look. From playing the game, it doesn't get boring even though it is repetitive (to be fair I am very patient) as you have an urge to farm levels to get gear, upgrades and to level up so you can complete the missions to the end of the waves, and kill the bosses in seconds. Unfortunately the cursor is a bit slow, I think this game was built for the mouse rather than the controller (being released on steam 2 years ago reinforces this), so you tend to get hit by the enemies as you move to the other side. But once you start unlocking that sweet loot and equipping the gear you get stronger and you can get better stats such as defense, attack or health enabling you to flex your chicken muscles and punch the bad guys to a puddle!

There are also equipable items such as necklaces and weapons that are in a different menu to the appearance items which also give stats, these help a lot as you may get a massive stat boost. The levelling system is quite easy to understand, you collect souls (EXP) from the bad guys, or by punching the cauldron on the menu area and then when you have enough you can go to the upgrade screen and voila better stats! Making you that much tougher. I like to run through the early levels to get items to sell/trade with the black market (once available) to gain souls and then level up.

Verdict: To be honest this is a difficult review, as all you do is stand still and press one button, though I do like it, mainly because of the extensive customisation available, and it feels like an RPG, and as I am very much addicted to Clicker Heroes, I instantly found this game enjoyable, though it can be tedious and long winded at times, having to replay levels but at the end of the day it what makes it stand out. There is plenty to do and the game offers some decent grinding for those like me who crave it!

Developer: One Shark

Publisher: Akupara Games

Price: $7.99

Release Date: 26th July 2018

PlayStation 4 copy provided for review purpose

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