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The Path of Motus - A KGK Review

Indie games are for the most part quirky, unique and more often than not a lot of fun. Sure there’s some stinkers out there, but that’s par for the course. Occasionally, one will come along that stands out from the crowd for a very different reason, and MichaelArts have developed such a game in The Path of Motus. A puzzle platform game with a massive difference and a powerful message to go along with it, let’s find out more.

One point to mention, is that the game is incredibly short, and I completed it in under 30 minutes, which may raise an eyebrow or two as many people will factor in cost when purchasing a game. Which is only natural, as you want value for your money, but don’t let that deter you. Sometimes a message doesn’t need to be a lengthy drawn out affair to get that message across. Well, what is this message that I’m hinting at? Bullying. The Path of Motus touches on a subject that some of you may have encountered at some point in your life, whether you be the victim of it or on the other side, dishing out the insults. But that’s by the by here, and The Path of Motus Gs dealt with it admirably, with the option to either deal with said bullying by either using words to defeat your enemies, or “take the high road” by avoiding them entirely and not stopping down to their level.

By taking the high road will reward you with a different ending and an achievement to boot. Speaking of achievements, there will be two plays required to unlock all of the games achievements. It’s short, it’s fairly easy, and the puzzles are actually fun to tackle. An achievement hunters dream for sure, and don’t let the price tag out you off, as it’s certainly worth your time.

The artwork is beautiful, and while animation is simplified, the game runs smoothly with no issues to speak of, and the audio is just fantastic. Not a booming soundtrack, but a melody that softer and subtle than you’d expect, but suits the mood of the game and the message it conveys. Gentle and easy to listen too, it’s a pleasure to have playing alongside your journey with Motus. In fact, it’s one of the more memorable soundtracks I’ve heard in recent memory.

Gameplay is simple to learn, with a jump and a trio of fire buttons employed to deal with the bullies as you see fit, and all colour coded to deal with them. Some platform sections can be troublesome at first, but once you earn a new ability, it makes that second play all the more easier. The puzzles that I encountered were fairly easy, with some proving a difficult as it asked me to deal with numbers which I’ve always struggled with, but not impossible to complete. A series of circles with numbers in whereby you connect lines between them to unlock the next section of the game. There’s two variations of this puzzle and they are a unique idea as far as I’m aware.

If The Path of Motus doesn’t pull on your heartstrings, then what’s wrong with you? It certainly carries meaning and many will be able to associate with it, especially when you meet a certain character a second time on your journey. A beautifully crafted game, and props to the developer for touching on a sensitive subject in such a way.


The Path of Motus May be a short journey from beginning to end, but that journey is a wonderful one in terms of audio, graphics and puzzles aside from the subject of bullying. Thoroughly enjoyed this game and it’s one that will stay with me for some time.

Developer: MichaelArts

Publisher: Michael Arts

Release Date: 17th July 2018

Price: £12.49

File Size: 671MB

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose.

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