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Awkward - A KGK Review

Do you enjoy arguing? Do you wish you could argue hot button issues with a spouse, relative, or friend in a gameshow like scenario? Well now you can with Awkward, the compatibility gameshow developed and published by Snap Finger Click. You can gather a group of up to 6 people to play with you and see just how compatible you are together or have a go at it solo and compare your answers to the rest of the world. This game can support up to 6 players but unlike the Jackbox series, you cannot use a mobile device but rather pass the single controller around the room to whomever the game directs the question towards. This can be rather messy and confusing but is alleviated by no question timers so you will have ample time to locate the player, read the question, choose the answer and reflect accordingly.

There are several game modes to choose from based on the number of players that are all basically the same question and answer gameplay. When you start an even numbered game, the two that are matched up will fill out a brief questionnaire with questions like “How do you know each other?” with options being “Friends, Romantic relationship, or Relatives” along with the question of sexual preference for each person including an option for both so no one is left out. The game consists of 3 rounds and in between each round the game shows you your compatibility. The validity of these compatibility readings seem satirical at best since most of the questions are silly or not meaningful. Some of these include “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” or “Would you rather change your facebook profile picture to a condom or a tampon?” but the game can also ask some argument worthy questions such as “Should transgender people be allowed to use the bathroom of their choosing” or “Do you agree with the current political administration” and even the one that landed me in a bit of hot water “Is it considered cheating if it is with a life-like robot?” Needless to say this game can offer some goofy, casually fun times among friends and can also hurt a few feelings of those with thin skin. Overall this is a fun party game but quickly loses its appeal after a few rounds. The lack of mobile support makes playing with multiple people tedious. The animations are interesting and visually pleasing. There isn’t much in the way of music and sound effects, only one song that plays on repeat and when you don’t pick the same option an old man pops out and says “awkward” even if the question was only “What’s your favorite color” as if having a different favorite color is somehow awkward.

Overall Score: 6/10

Developer: Snap Finger Click

Publisher: Snap Finger Click

Release Date: 5th June 2018

Price: £9.59

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose.

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