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Legrand Legacy - Release Announcement

As we advance through the years, getting our hands on newer, more powerful technology, it’s natural for the games we play on our platform of choice to follow suit. However, this isn’t always the case. From Semisoft and Another Indie, comes Legrand Legacy, which is a love letter to the old J-RPG’s of the 90’s, and set for a release in Q1 of 2019. A fairly lengthy wait, but one I’m sure will have us all just as excited then as we are now.

Focusing on a captive gladiator named Finn, who is freed to begin a journey not only to save his rescuers daughter, but a prophecy that could well decide the fate of the world.

Exploring the world of Legrand will see Finn able to partake in the following; fishing, fencing competitions, side quests, hack and slash battles, as he unravels the back stories of allies and the world around him.

Legrand Legacy Trailer

Releasing On Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PlayStation 4

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