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Xbox Developers Round Up 2024

The 2024 Xbox Developer Direct treated us with an overview and glimpse into what is coming from Xbox family of developers showcasing Machine Games, Ninja Theory, Obsidian Games and Oxide Games, four pinnacle developers in Microsoft's hands and more importantly Xbox’s hands.

Game play from Avowed, an action RPG set in a magical and fantastical world of truly breathtaking scope, set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity in the world of Eora.  The game is scheduled for release at the end of 2024 started the show.

From there we jumped over to Ninja Theory and was showcased Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, with its stunning gameplay that looks so lifelike its crazy and story that looks phenomenal and mind bending and if anything like it’s prequel an amazing and disturbing gaming experience.

After Ninja Theory we moved to a highly rumoured, fifth game, a square Enix segment! Square ended up bringing Visions of Mana a series long missing from Xbox that starting 30 years ago on Game Boy.  An action RPG set in a co-existing universe of Final Fantasy.

Next we jumped to Oxide with Ara a World Building strategy game running on the Nitrous Engine designed to played on an alternative earth, interesting to say the least, only for pc right now though.

Finally, we got treated to a trailer and info for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle a Machine Games take on the pop culture idol, set between lost ark and great crusade it’s an amazing world trotting puzzling adventure filled with the staples that belong to Indy

Coming later this year

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