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Sea Dogs & Davy Jones Locker


World of Warships Legends is a game available on PS4/5, Xbox series consoles,

it is a free to play game, with in game purchases, you can play against AI or other players in various game modes, with seasonal events taking place, with many different maps. You get to choose vessels from 9 different countries from the WW1/WW2 era, each vessel has its own category, you start with free ships of all the nations at Tier II and progress and unlock up to Tier VIII.

Destroyers - These are lightly armoured with a low surface profile, they have light primary armaments (best to use only on other Destroyers) but equipped with powerful torpedoes, best used for Recon and hit and run tactics. Good use of Smoke screen, stay out of the enemies of visual range and unleash a deadly torpedo ambush.

Cruisers - These have medium armour with medium calibre main guns most have a small torpedo compliment, some cruisers have a lot of light guns that can quickly reload and others have larger calibre but are slower to reload, these can be used in multiple roles from Recon to fire support.

Battleships - These are heavily armoured complimented with heavy calibre guns that can engage the enemy at range with devastating firepower, but these can be very slow to reload, best used for fire support or convoy up and push through the enemy lines.

Aircraft carriers - These have medium armour with very little way of main guns, they are used for aerial support, (Recon, Dive bombers, Torpedo bombers and Fighter support), best used for tactical support out of range from the enemy guns as losing your carrier can turn the tide in the enemies favour.

Commanders - each ship requires a commander, each has his own specialization ,accolades and perks, the more you level them up the more that you choose from.

Most of the countries have the use of all the above categories in their tech tree, although some like Pan Asia have only Destroyers and Cruisers and Pan Europe have only Destroyers. Each ships vary in strength and weakness so make sure you play to their advantages or its off to Davy Jones locker with you.

Tactics - Its important to play your role in this game, as the balance of ships on each team is the same for example, if you leave your carrier undefended it wont last long, if you charge headlong into battle on your own, don't expect to last long, every ship in range with send rounds your way. Just because you have the biggest battleship doesn't make you invisible, a well planned attack from a destroyer can sink you in one torpedo salvo, and chances are you wouldn't even see the ship that sunk you.

Extras - You can boost the ships with flags, these help in making extra XP/coin/commander XP to help level up ships/commander or buying the next ship in line. Premium, is an in game purchase which increases all the above XP it can be used to by 24 hrs of premium or packages for up to 1 month, you can also by premium ships which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. There is daily/weekly challenges to complete for extra perks/coins and unlock ships/commanders.

Personal view

I love playing this game, the visual graphics/game mechanics are great, its the little things like battle/fire damage stay on the ship until the end of the match, even when your ship is destroyed it sinks in the manner you were hit, if a torpedo hits your magazine it will rip the ship in half or a hit to your citadel will roll your ship and you can see the propeller spin as it sinks beneath the waves. I love how most of the ships are real, each with there own history. I'm currently unlocking the Japanese Yamamoto and the British Conqueror.

I bought the Premium Battleship Warspite, a ship rich in history, (well worth a quick research) and it proved to be a game changer with its High calibre guns which quickly reload and can out range and out shoot most ships of its class.

As much as I love this game, there is moments of frustration, some days you can play it all day with not so much as a victory, or your ship feels like a tin can and is sunk easily by lesser ships. but then you have games where a well placed torpedo can smash the biggest ship or broadside salvo can turn the enemy ship into a burning hulk sinking in to the abyss, or a well won team victory.

Progressing through the tiers is fun and can be done relatively quick if you put the time in, however it tends to slow down around tier 6, it takes longer to rank up, the grind is real, but the difference in the ships quality shows, bigger, stronger more firepower, so the tactic change as well.

Its a big game with many choices, each ship is different from the next. one wrong decision can turn the tide. I would highly recommend giving this game a go if it floats your boat.

So Commanders,,, will you be a sea dog or will you visit Davy Jones locker? Happy Hunting.

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