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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - but not a lost cause!

As a fan of both the legacy Prince of Persia games from the mid to late 2000s and Metroid throughout the years I was ever so hopeful for a return to form with this game, and I was shocked to see it wasn't, but that wasn't bad. That surprised me, A game in the universe of the Prince's games but the traits of something very akin to Metroid Dread in recent years, It blew me away!


A veteran Prince of Persia player from anywhere between Sands of Time to Forbidden Sands will fall in love with this game, From the fact a pre-order item is a Warrior Within skin (seriously, why the second game in the series? What is being foreshadowed?) to the fact a lot of attacks in The Lost Crown are recognisable from legacy titles you will be at home in the sprawling city.

 On the other hand, Newcomers to the franchise will be happy with a fresh take on a series I hope they will fall in love with, the combat is easy, fluid and fun, the story grabs you and pulls you in


With stable 60fps all the way up to a stable 120fps for those with the devices to use it,

I hope readers of this review will give the game a go, that comes from a fellow gamer and fan of Prince of Persia games it’s amazing!

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