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PowerA Sparkle Enhanced Xbox Controller

The PowerA Sparkle advantage wired Controller is a gaming controller aimed at the gamers that love a bit of glitter at an affordable price (£34.99 retail price UK).

With rumble motors and impulse triggers this controller really does pack a punch in more ways than one, dual mappable buttons on the back of the controller really add to the precision gaming that PowerA controllers offer.

3-way trigger locks that adapt to your gaming style the sparkle controller really is designed with gamers in mind, included inside the premium packaging is the extra-long 10ft USB-c cable so you’re not limited to how or where you want to play.

Anti-friction rings alongside the diamond textured grip on the sparkle controller really do give you that premium feel while keeping at a affordable cost to every gamer, a 3.5mm Headset port built into the controller means that as long as you have a wired headset there really Is no restriction to voice chat and audio in game all with a clean precision finish.

Immersive dual rumble motors mean that you get instant feedback from games played through to your fingertips adding to the PowerA experience, you even have the option to test and calibrate your controller, PowerA have been awarded the Best-Selling wired Xbox controller brand in the U.S and Canada, and as the new owner of the PowerA sparkle this controller really does live up to everything it states on and off the box it came in.

If I could have one thing I feel may need to be changed as a pc player, the 10ft USB cable could be shorter. This could be avoided entirely if the usb C cable did not have a specific shaped housing making the use of normal USB C cables impossible. This is a small complaint for what is an amazing product at the pricepoint and if you can live with having a cable this is a serious contender for your everyday controller on Xbox and PC.

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Massive thank you to PowerA for our review sample.

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