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PowerA Discovers the Midas Touch

Here at KGK we have been long term fans of PowerA and their budget friendly yet feature packed controllers and accessories. We genuinely believe that the Advantage range of controllers offer the best bang for buck on the market today with feature rich controllers for significantly less than a standard Microsoft offering.

These features include mappable rear buttons, 3 stage trigger locks, impulse triggers and stunning designs. All features you would expect on much higher priced premium controllers. The only negative we have is the controller being wired, but as a gamer who sits at a dedicated gaming desk this is of little consequence to me and to many.

In recent months PowerA have been building on there partnerships with brands such as Pokemon, Nintendo through Mario and Zelda tie ins and now we are excited to share the latest brand coming to PowerA as the gaming juggernaut that is Fortnite.

Midas PowerA Xbox Controller
MIDAS PowerA Advantage Controller

Their latest Xbox controller the MIDAS is based on the same named character from the game and has a stunning gold and black design with a matte finish and gloss "midas hand" designs and is just beautiful.

Grey theme with gold buttons Midas controller
Rear image of Midas PowerA Xbox Controller

The rear of the controller has a grey textured finish to improve grip and the buttons follow through the gold theme with golden buttons and trigger stops.

The cable is USB C as we move towards a common connection for peripherals future proving the controller.

In game this controller is extremely responsive with no noticeable input lag, very clickable buttons and the rear buttons are perfectly placed feeling natural and not having to crab your hand to find the paddles/buttons, I'm looking at you Razer Wolverine.

All in all if you are Fortnite fan and want a feature packed premium controller at a budget price you will not go wrong investing in the PowerA Advantage Midas controller.

Thank you to PowerA for the review sample.

You can purchase the Midas at Game, Argos and Amazon at

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1 Comment

Feb 21

Not a massive Fortnite fan but that does look beautiful. If it's anything to go by spectra infinity I use, it'll be an amazing controller!

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