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PowerA Advantage with Lumectra-Does it Light the Way?

PowerA are the leading 3rd party controller provider on the market with a large range of controllers for both Xbox and Nintendo Switch and have established themselves as a great value alternative to OEM controllers.

The Advantage controller is the new mid range Xbox controller from PowerA and features a significant feature list including Advanced Programmable rear buttons and Dual stage trigger locks making it a viable contender with the likes of the Microsoft Elite range or Razer Wolverine controllers.

The controller is built solidly, feeling like a quality product and weighs around the same as a standard OEM controller. The sticks are similar in design to Microsoft ones but I would have loved to have seen the sticks from their MOGA range of controllers which I still believe are the best sticks I have ever used.

The rear buttons are far superior in every way to paddles on the MS controller and the uncomfortable ski jump switches on the back of the Razer Wolverine 2.

The added bonus with this particular controller is the inclusion of their Lumectra technology giving the controller 4 distinct LED zones allowing thousands of colour combinations. If like me you play in a darkened game room this is a nice addition. Also included is a 4ft LED strip that you can place probably behind your display and which can be controlled via the controllers in IR transmitter. This strip can be supplemented by additional low cost strips of up to 18 feet giving you the ability to turn your gamezone into a brain melting kaleidoscope of colour.

The controller is fully compatible with Windows 10 and 11 PC's. The only downside is the controller being wired and isn't quite as versatile for gamers not sitting at a desk or in a dedicated game room. I fully understand that due to limitations on third party suppliers Microsoft will not licence wireless technology to 3rd part companies so this complaint would be unfair to be levelled at PowerA. Before you say "well Scuf are wireless" Scuf controllers use Microsoft controllers that are reshelled.

In conclusion I really like the Advantage controller and the Lumectra technology is a great addition and will certainly be something the younger generation of gamers will love giving them the ability to deck their rooms out in fully co-ordinated LED's and who doesn't need some colour in their lives?

Thank you so much to PowerA for sending the review sample and KGK is not paid in way to provide this review and it is my honest opinion. You can find out more about PowerA and there products at or

Phil is the owner of KK Airbrush and co-founder of Kustom Gaming Kommunity. Phil has over 15 years experience in the games industry and is a award winning airbrush artist producing art for the games industry, motorcycle shows and global customers.

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