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Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Minds, Blades and Schnapps Trailer

The days are slowly being marked off on the calendar, and with every passing day, the release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance draws ever near. The date in question is 13th February 2018 and the Medieval RPG from developer Warhorse Studio and publisher Deep Silver has many talking about it, myself included. The game was funded and then some, giving Warhorse Studio the means to create a rich, detailed and living world of Bohemia which gamers can explore.

A new video has been released, titled Of Minds, Blades and Schnapps. Check it out below.

The story centres around Henry, who is a simple Blacksmith that witnesses his world around him torn apart from within by the hierarchy and invading forces. Seeking revenge, he must grab his sword and centre forth. Main quests, side missions and more await in Bohemia. Choices have consequences, each situation has more than one solution. Do you charge into a bandit camp all gung-ho? Or would you prefer the stealth approach under cover of darkness? The choice really is yours.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance arrives on 13th February, and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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