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Ghost of Tsushima: A Journey Through 13th Century Japan

Step into the shoes of Jin Sakai in Sucker Punch's highly anticipated Samurai hack-and-slash game of 2020, Ghost of Tsushima. Immerse yourself in 13th century Japan during the Kamakura period, experiencing the Mongolian invasion of Tsushima. As Jin, you'll navigate the delicate balance between morals and honor, all while fighting to reclaim Tsushima from its invaders. The game's detailed recreation of Tsushima's regions, including Izuhara, Mistushima, Toyotama, Mine, Kamigata, and Kamitsushima, invites players to explore every corner of the island, uncovering secrets, clothing, and era-appropriate cosmetics along the way. The main storyline offers 20 to 26 hours of gameplay, with even more to discover beyond that.

Ghost of Tsushima dazzles with stunning visuals and responsive mechanics, drawing inspiration from the legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The game even includes a 'Kurosawa mode,' which applies a black-and-white filter to pay homage to Kurosawa's iconic works such as "Seven Samurai" (1954) and "Sanjuro" (1962). Players can customize their combat style by choosing from various sets of armor and cosmetics, and can opt to fight as a stealthy ninja, a honorable samurai, or a skilled archer. The expansive world of Tsushima is yours to liberate, one region at a time, from the Mongolian forces, whether you do so in the name of honor or for the island's people.

The game's world and story are vast, offering over 60 hours of gameplay to experience everything it has to offer. Ghost of Tsushima's narrative is a cinematic masterpiece, filled with main story missions, side missions, and collectibles scattered across the island. Following Jin Sakai under the guidance of his uncle, the island's Jito, players will confront inner turmoil and the struggle between tradition, honor, and cultural values. The choices made throughout the story are significant and often challenging, leaving players deeply engaged.

While the core game provides a rich experience, there is less to do once Tsushima is fully liberated and all missions are completed. However, Ghost of Tsushima continues to offer more through its multiplayer mode, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. In this mode, players can choose from four classes—the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin—and fight against hordes of undead Mongols and Oni. Legends features missions, survival modes, and a competitive PvE rivals mode where players compete for the favor of the Kami. The story in Legends dives into the mystical, with an Onibaba manipulating Tsushima's conflicts on a spiritual level.

Summary: Ghost of Tsushima presents a gripping tale of adventure and honor amidst the Mongolian invasion of Tsushima. The game combines addictive combat mechanics with excellent storytelling and cinematography. With endless gameplay options, including the darker, supernatural challenges of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the game has left players eager for a sequel.


  • Great fighting mechanics

  • Excellent story writing

  • Beautiful graphics and real-time cutscenes

  • Excellent replayability with New Game+ mode


  • Reports of modders in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends following the PC launch of the Director's Cut

  • Some aspects of the game can feel repetitive, especially post-main story

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