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For Honor a Retrospective Review of this Complex Fighting Game.

In 2016, Ubisoft released a historical fighting game that showcases Knights, Samurais, and Vikings engaging in authentic armed combat with a control system that is both simple yet challenging to master. Despite receiving a 69% rating on Steam, the game was well-received by gamers and topped the sales charts in both the US and Japanese markets. Thanks to ongoing developer support, the game remains relevant even after 8 years.

Gameplay and Modes

For Honor offers a variety of game modes, including a story campaign for solo players and multiplayer options like Dominion, Elimination, Skirmish, Brawl, and Duel. The game includes many faction-specific maps, featuring diverse settings like grand castles and thick forests, offering plenty of places to engage in combat. Make strategic use of the surroundings by utilizing bridges and cliffs to gain an advantage, which can result in effortless victories or potential setbacks.

Visuals and Engine

Powered by the AnvilNext 2.0 engine, also behind the revered Assassin’s Creed series, For Honor boasts vibrant visuals and high-quality performance. The combat control scheme is immersive, utilizing a parry and active blocking system based on the direction of attacks. This unique approach to melee combat sets a new standard for online multiplayer hack and slash games.

Factions and Combat

Players can diversify their combat experience by switching between factions, each with its own distinct combat style. Whether opting for the massive samurai swords of the Kensei or the battle axes of the Lawbringer, For Honor's wide array of warriors caters to every player's preferences. Players have the option to choose a character from one of the five factions: the Iron Legion (Knights), the Warborn (Vikings), the Dawn Empire (Samurai), and the Wu Lin (Ancient Chinese; introduced in October 2018 with the Marching Fire expansion), as well as the uniquely-themed Outlander faction (introduced in January 2022). Playable characters, known as "Heroes", are categorized into four classes. The Vanguard class is considered "well-balanced" with strong offense and defense capabilities. The Assassin class excels in speed and efficiency in one-on-one combat, but is less effective against multiple opponents. The Heavies, or Tanks, are highly resilient to damage and are ideal for defending control points, although their attacks are slower. The Hybrid class, the last category, combines elements of two of the aforementioned classes and can utilize unique abilities.

Seasonal Updates

For Honor also supports a seasonal rotation, allowing players to earn new cosmetics, heroes, and participate in seasonal events. This continuous stream of updates keeps the game fresh and engaging for its dedicated player base.


For Honor brings a unique take on online fighting games with its combat-oriented system, emphasizing a "fight or die" mentality. Despite its steep learning curve, the game has maintained a dedicated following due to its challenging gameplay and continuous updates.


  • Unique and addictive fighting mechanics

  • Continuous updates and new content through four seasons per year

  • Reliable and renowned engine allows for smooth performance and reliability


  • Takes time to master the game's combat system

  • Friendly fire can lead to frustration, especially with inexperienced players

For Honor remains a formidable title in the online multiplayer genre, rewarding players who invest time in mastering its intricate combat system.

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