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Death Stranding is a unique game that pushes the boundaries of a video game.

Developed by Kojima Productions and directed by Hideo Kojima, the game presents a post-apocalyptic world where you must navigate treacherous landscapes, deliver packages, and connect isolated societies.

One of the best things i love about Death Stranding is its breathtakingly amazing visuals and attention to detail. The vast, desolate open landscapes look amazing, making it a visual treat. The characters are also incredibly detailed which i like if am playing a game.

The game's graphics totally show the hauntingly beautiful openworld but the gameplay mechanics in Death Stranding are slow-paced and but they are done deliberate,

The story revolves around delivering packages, which can be a boring task at times. However, the game's complexity lies in its balancing act – managing resources, planning routes, and avoiding obstacles add depth to the gameplay and create a sense of accomplishment when successfully completing a delivery.

Death Stranding features unique multiplayer elements, where you can contribute to and benefit from the shared world, enhancing the feeling of interconnectedness lets see if you can find my banners or signs through out the world because they are there...


The story of Death Stranding i find is that is filled with intriguing storylines and thought-provoking themes about connections, isolation, and the impact of technology throughout the world. The game's narrative i thought is open for interpretation and personal reflection.

The plot can be dense and convoluted at times, but it rewards players who invest time in unravelling its mysteries.

One aspect that may polarize players is the heavy use of exposition and lengthy cutscenes. Death Stranding prioritizes storytelling, and as a result of that sometimes you become passive observers rather than active participants.

In terms of soundtrack Death Stranding excels. The hauntingly beautiful score perfectly fits the the game's atmosphere, further immersing you in its dystopian world. The characters voices adds weight to the characters' emotions and motivations.

Overall, Death Stranding is a challenging experience. Its blend of gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and deep storytelling make it a memorable game. It may not be for everyone but for those willing to embrace its quirks, Death Stranding offers a thought-provoking journey like no other.

Death Stranding 2 is pencilled in for 2025 but you can get the first one on the playstation store

Rico's Score 9/10

P.S yes i have named my BB

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Phil Brown
Phil Brown

Great look at this game, I will definitely be looking to spend some time on this

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