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Now this game is a game for people who don’t mind getting angry and frustrated or have a high tolerance for dying in games multiple times. So basically, this game is made for the conventional Dark Souls player.

I wish I knew what I was getting into when I started this game. It is constantly fighting against you to humiliate you and make you feel deep anger and disappointment. However, this is where the game strides into a class of its own. The game does this by making the game difficult enough to make you want to always achieve a better score or get to the next level. But make no mistake this is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. It isn’t frustrating though in the traditional sense where you can blame the game lagging or glitching out. I mean you can blame it on those things however while playing this game you will come to realise what "Get Good" really means.

While playing this game I experienced countless deaths and many failures. However, that didn’t stop me, and I kept trying to complete this level and slowly but surely, I was making progress and made it to the end of the level that took me over 300 tries to complete. This is where this game draws you in, you start to notice that you do get better the more you play it and get better when it comes to reflex times. The adrenaline of getting near the end of the level and trying not to mess up and then completing the level is what makes this game worth while to me, it is a challenge and worth picking up if you don’t mind dying over 1000 times per level and getting frustrated.

The level structure may seem very unfair, but you always notice little gaps and patterns that when noticed make each level easier. The music though is really cool, and I like it a lot as it is my type of music that I love to listen too. It does have a story I just think I just have died so many times that I have forgotten the story and you just want to complete the game once you start it.

The art style and the colours mixed with the music make the game experience all in all something that I haven’t really seen or experienced before, and I like that. That is why I play indie games like this because they always have something different to offer the player than the conventional Triple A release.

My overall review of this game is that this game deserves to be in the pits of hell for how hard it is however If you do love a challenge then this game is for you as it is definitely one of the hardest games I have ever played. Yet the satisfaction for enduring and completing levels is really high. So if you like an adrenaline filled fuel ride this game is for you.

Published and developed by Michael Todd Games. A big thank you to Johan Vennerstrom for the review code.

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