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To start off this game is a kick starter, so it is still in early access. Which may deter people from trying this game out. But it shouldn’t. I was rather sceptical about the game as it looked awful. But I am glad I gave it a go. This is my review on the Hive Quest Demo.

The game to me didn’t seem that interesting from the beginning but after giving it time and getting further into the demo. I noticed that I was getting gripped into the game in every way more and more. The best game I can compare to this one is the game SPORE. Hive quest is definitely worth sinking your teeth into if you like RTS games.

The main story of it is that you are meant to run a hive of bees using the hive mind which is where you come in to play the game. You can travel around as the mind and will be able to control your bees and other creatures you gain control of. The one thing I did notice and did like about the demo is the fact that Hive Quest has actual story elements. It surprised me when I first noticed it, but it does have an intriguing story line to me. As some parts of the forest are closed off because of dark magic and that is all you get from the demo. It begs the question to be asked where did this come from.

Even though the mechanics are good and in-depth with hunger metres and buildable buildings and workshops there is no denying that the game does need a face lift before launch. I understand it is a kick starter, but the graphics look like they came from a PS2 and the character movement looks like they were taken from a PS1 game. Apart from that I liked it a lot.

This game is definitely worth keeping an eye on as it has an interesting concept and if it pulls it off well enough then this game will stand out from the crowd. It manages to mix RTS style mechanics and add in a genuine intriguing story line. That is impressive especially from a kick starter. The soundtrack to this game totally sets up the tempo for the game. The music gives the player a chilled-out vibe that is rather nice and calming for when you are playing as a bee going through the mystical woodland.

My overall opinion is to keep an eye on this game as it has some genuinely interesting aspects to it, but it does need some vast improvements in other areas like the animations and graphics.

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