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Trouserheart | A KGK Review

Trouserheart is a new hack and slash published by developers 10tons. The story of Trouserheart is based on king Trouserheart, a king that gets his pants stolen by goblins and you have to travel to the end of the earth the claim what is rightfully yours, the trousers!

Game play

The simple style of gameplay bundled in with the ease of learning how you level up bundles for a good game that you can just pick up and play whenever you like. The aim is to complete the levels and collect all the treasure you can along the way to then level Trouserheart in your castle and eventually get back your trousers! It’s a generic hack and slash so the controls are easy to learn from the off and almost anyone could just pick it up and play. You can pick between 2 difficulties casual or hard, the hard difficulty makes it a challenging game as perma-death is activated and it brings a kind of dark souls feel to it as if you die, you start again.

You go through levels by defeating rooms of enemies until you get to the final room of a level (a boss room), each boss is different and has special attacks so you will have to find out new ways on how to dodge each bosses attack. The enemies in trouser heart are different depending on how far you go in the game they can range from little goblins that will steal treasure to big rock people that take a lot longer to kill. The leveling system is quite good in a sense that you choose what to spend your treasure on, there are 4 choices health, sword power, shield or even how much bonus treasure you can find in levels, so you can choose whether you want to be a brawler and spend all your hard earned treasure on becoming a powerhouse or space it out over all 4 choices.


In my opinion this game is a 7/10. it is an easy to play, stress free game that you can just pick up and play at any time. The leveling up system makes it more challenging as the further you go into the game the harder it gets, so choose where you spend your treasure wisely. I love the fact that I was left concentrating so much whilst playing the harder difficulty as knowing if I died I would have to start again this made it even more tense and enjoyable. If you are looking for a game that’s got a good backdrop, simple to play but can keep you entertained for hours I would definitely recommend Trouserheart!

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