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Drunk-Fu: Wated Masters - A KGK Review

Drunk Fu: Wasted Masters was originally released for Android on the 13th August 2015, now recently it has been ported over to Steam and the Xbox One, the latter is the version I have been given for review. Developed and published by Rusto Games, a company based in Finland. I personally have never heard of them before doing the review but from what I've seen I would like to play anymore games they have available in the future or have done in the past.

Drunk Fu is a simple game, quite literally there is no story line to follow but it is a fun couch co op brawler or a Physics based drunk fight simulator as it is officially listed. The game is primarily multiplayer focused, with the ability to mix local players with that of online players and you can even use bots if needed.

Unlike the Android version the controls are not overly terrible, they are quite responsive and comfortable to use.

There are many customisable options for your character including your skin colour ranging from pale to tan and even Zombie! (which I chose), you can wear different hats such as buckets, beanies and rabbit ears and then further cusomise your character with shirts, trousers (aka pants) and boots. I currently have a redneck style zombie with aviator sunglasses and a blue bucket reading KILL on it, to be honest that's the best customisation since Skyrim for me!

You get to choose from 2 different game modes, the first mode mode is called ‘Get Smashed!’ this is the standard mode in which you can fight up to 7 opponents with random weapons (one or two spawn locations per level) on one of 8 levels.

Your main objective here is to knock as many people off the map as possible, highest score wins, you can also play with a set time limit or unlimited time to help knock out the easy achievements if you so wish. In this mode you are easier to send flying the more damage you take (similar to Smash Bros), there are no damage counters to show you how much damage you have received so best try to not get hit is pretty good advice. The second game mode you can choose is called ‘ Get Swarmed!’ this game mode is the Drunk Fu equivalent of a horde game type, each game you only get one life and each wave introduces another enemy to fight in addition to every enemy from the previous waves including any players/bots still alive. The general mechanics of the game are the same as in the other modeIm not sure if this is meant to be co op or competitive as I only played this mode with bots and they died pretty quick.

In both game modes you have 3 attacks, firstly you have your standard fist attack (or whatever weapon you have equipped), this will be your most go to attack. Secondly you have the heavy attack, this is a charge attack that lets you rush in a certain direction (you will see arrows on the floor) which is great for smashing a large group of enemies off the map, and finally there is a ground pound move that is activated by jumping in mid air, I dont think it is that great to be honest but if you manage to pull it off as it is massively temperamental you may just knock someone flying!. Verdict

This is a small, yet simple game, but once you start playing it can be quite fun, for those achievement whores among us (me being one of them) it is quite easy gamer score though a bit grindy, they are not overly difficult at all to obtain. The game is best played online or with friends to allow for some good competitive challenge, the bots are a bit thick but they will also gang up on you or one will get a lucky hit in and take out the entire group just to end up falling to their death as well (depending how many bots you enable). Drunk Fu is a decent game if you like party style brawlers, or have co op sessions with friends / family.

Hopefully Rusto will add more content as two game modes can get boring.

Developer: Rusto Games Publisher: Rusto Games Release Date: 17th August 2018 (Xbox One and Steam) Price: £7.99 File Size: 821.71 MB Xbox One copy provided for review purposes

Available on: Steam, Xbox One and Android

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