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Fall of Light - A KGK Review

Action/RPG’s are one of my favourite genres, and I can’t get enough. So naturally, upon hearing of Fall of Light, I had to get my hands on that and dive right in. Suffice to say, Digerati have an excellent record of publishing games, in that they always seem to pick some crackers. However, there’s always an exception to that rule, and for once, I was left shocked.

To say Fall of Light is lacking in character is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals are aiming for a low poly look, and that doesn’t bother me. But looking at this game make me think it was unfinished. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was truth be told, but it feels like it’s had its soul ripped out of its body and discarded in a bin somewhere.

One thing it’s trying to do is aim for a Dark Souls style of gameplay, with a stamina bar that depleted rapidly, very little health and enemies capable of tanking you in quick fashion. Now I’m not a massive fan of games like this if I’m honest. I find them unfair to a degree. I don’t turn my nose up at a challenge, but I don’t see why I should feel frustrated at a game so quickly when gameplay elements like that are implemented. Some people do like these sort of games, and that’s fine. Not everyone has the same taste, but I feel that Fall of Light won’t be held in high regard by a large number.

The actual controls work just fine, and I have no issue there. I just feel that the rest of the game is lacking in pretty much every respect and didn’t even feel engaged with the world around me, nor the protagonist and his daughter who do little to nothing to make you feel invested in them. When I see Action/RPG, I think of games like Pillars of Eternity. Yes it’s unfair to compare a smaller studio and their game to something like that from Obsidian Entertainment who have a good sized pool of talent and experience in the gaming industry. Fall of Light does little to ignite my passion for the genre, and I felt bereft of any emotion while playing it.

One point to note and it’s something that bugged the hell out of me, was the constant respawn of enemies. Making it to the cemetery boss fight with only a couple of blocks of health, which meant I ventured back to the shrine to regain my health, only to have it hacked away by the enemies I had previously slain. Something just grinds my gears about this.

Now as I said the controls work fine, as in they’re responsive. But when you make it to combat, this is where you will find out that it’s really just a massive pain in the backside. Even locking into an opponent doesn’t make it much easier. You will often find that your sword does absolutely nothing in terms of hitting anyone, and using your shield consumes far too much stamina. So retreat is really the only option and swinging your blade when they get close is your combat encounters. A joy to behold.

As for who you are, you assume control of an old warrior named Nyx, who along with his daughter Aether who radiates Light are on the search for the last place touched by sunlight in a world corrupted with darkness. I like the concept here, and having someone who tags along without getting in the way and doesn’t need constant supervision is a relief. If you do die though, you have to go back to your point of death to retrieve her. So a minor inconvenience. But definitely not the worst concept, in fact I quite like it.


Fall of Light could have done with fleshing out the world to make it more interesting and give it character. It just feels flat and boring as it stands. A shame really, as Digerati have a fantastic track record, and I did have high hopes for Fall of Light. Thankfully, there is no bugs or glitches to be found.

Overall Score

Developer: Runeheads

Publisher: Digerati

Release Date: 14th August 2018

Price: £11.99

File Size: 3.50GB

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose.

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam

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