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PAX West 2018 & PAX South 2019 Tickets

Game director of Blizzard Entertainment, Ion Hazzikostas will be appearing at PAX West later this month to deliver the opening Storytime keynote.

If you’re looking for tickets to PAX South in 2019, then make a note that tickets will be on sale from 16th August. So not long now. The event will take place at the Henry B. González Convention Centre in San Antonio, Texas starting on 18th January and ending on 20th January in 2019.

Tickets for the event will cost $85 for the Three Day badges while single day tickets will cost $42 for those of you with the money and means to attend. If you want to purchase a ticket, please visit this link to purchase what you require.

Additional panels at PAX West 2018 will include Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5, Bioware’s Anthem, Square Enix’s Life is Strange and many more. Meanwhile, the exhibition on the show floor will feature console manufacturers and major publishers all the way to Indie teams offering a chance to view their upcoming titles.

The full lineup and schedules can be found via the following link, so you can arrange your day, or days out. So there you have it, if you’re lucky enough to be in attendance, please enjoy your time and travel safely.

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