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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - From The Ashes DLC - A KGK Review

The From the Ashes DLC brings us back into the forests of Bohemia and into the shoes of Henry of Skalitz once again to defend the land from bandits and rebuild the town of Pribyslavitz recently relieved of bandit and Cuman rule. In this expansion, you will be tasked with rebuilding and settling the abandoned town, locating resources to supply the town, and bringing in a few friendly faces to help you run it.

After completing the story mission “Nest of Vipers” you will be able to start the DLC by talking to Sir Divish about what to do with the town and he will appoint you to oversee its construction. With the help of the Locator to advise you on your reconstruction, you can begin immediately. If you do not know how to read, then the Locator will help you by letting you building through dialogue options with him. Otherwise, you can use the ledger to get an in depth view at the towns financial gains and losses.

The town will need plenty of funding in the beginning and it will fall on poor Henry to foot the bill. Hopefully, you’ve hoarded plenty of Groschen away because it won’t be cheap rebuilding everything. The town will also need supplies such as: livestock, grain, coal, and stone. Henry will need to procure these supplies by brokering deals and having traders transport it. Once a few key buildings in the town are finished you will start to notice some Groschen start to flow in as economy becomes more stable.

You will also be tasked with raising the population of the town. One way to do this is by inviting the friends you’ve made along the way to live and work in your town, those that are left alive, that is. Sometimes the villagers in your town will squabble over this or that and Henry will need to make a ruling on how to resolve the issue. Sometimes this will please the people and piss off the crown, and sometimes the people will get upset and leave your town.

Once everything is built, Henry will continue to rule over the village and gain a place to sleep and store his valuables, as well as have access to an herb garden, alchemy table, and many other shops and vendors. Depending on how much money you have going into the DLC you may be looking at only 8 hours of content. The DLC doesn’t tie too much in from the main story and it doesn’t seem like there is any way to lock yourself out of the DLC. Overall, the DLC adds a bit of variety to the game and provides something to do post game and finally gives you a reason to spend all your hard earned Groschen.

Developer: Warhorse Studio

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: 5th July 2018

Price: £7.99

File Size: 11MB

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