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F1 2018 - Racing into Pole Position with new features and trailer

Iconic racing series upcoming title, F1 2018 has received a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing stunning visuals, new features and game depth. Career mode is touted as the most in-depth yet, with 20 classic cars from history, the ability to select a rival racer and even negotiate a move to a new team. If you want to get involved in research and development, then that’s also an option for the avid Formula 1 fanatic.

Codemasters have made a name for themselves with racing games over the years, and the next entry in the franchise looks to be taking the racing sim to a whole new level. I’ve only played one game personally, which is F1 2015, but even that was a stunning game, and with these new features being implemented, it’s a safe bet that F1 2018 will expand upon what was already in place, and offer new challenges and options to truly flesh out what is already there.

One good example of new features is the handling of in-game cars that has been reworked using real data from the world of Formula 1 to give enhancements to chassis and suspension physics to offer gamers a more like-like experience. This is without mentioning manually deployed ERS. Codemasters are certainly pulling out all the stops to provide a more authentic feel of the cars, and this is sure to make for a new and unique thrash around the famous tracks included.

Aside from the physics and career mode, the graphical updates included will see smaller details in the form of mist, heat haze, track mirage and even off racing line dirt kick-up to make it feel as though you’re actually watching the real thing.

Lastly, when you feel brave enough to join the online community, the Super License system that’s been included will minimise the effects of poor driving. This means players will be rated on their individual skills level and their etiquette and matched with similar players with a similar ability. This reminds me of a certain racing simulator that introduced something similar several years ago, and that was fun.

Watch the trailer below, and have a gander at these screenshots.

Official Gameplay Trailer

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