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Sleep Tight - A KGK Review

What is one of the most familiar types of games nearly everyone has played at least once in their lifetime. Top down twin stick shooters. The automatic process of someone mentioning this genre is usually a zombie defence game, kind of like that zombie mod in black ops 2 and 3 that takes an arcade twist being a top down shooter with infinite ammo with the occasional weapon pick up. Sleep Tight.

What is Sleep Tight?

Sleep tight follows the tradition of the zombie type defence but not completely. You are a child in your bedroom fighting off monsters toy guns (nerf guns if I’m correct). For every night you survive you are rewarded with Suns and Stars, which are the currency of the game to unlock and buy perks, weapons, defences and power ups. During the day time you prepare your defences with buying new guns like a shotgun, a burst rifle and sub machine guns. There are also ways to slow down the monsters such as pillow barricades to block their path until the pillows are hit too many times and even place down automatic turrets to cover each side of the room.

How Does It Compare To Other Twin Stick Shooters

Well not too many twin stick shooters offer the ability to set up defences against your enemies, it is mainly the case of keeping shooting and for the love of God don’t miss a single shot hoping for that sweet weapon drop. Currently there is only one level in the game, which is your bedroom that does not contain much space so every kill you get will always be a close quarters encounter. With the space being so small it can defeat the point of having a burst rifle that has much better accuracy than a pistol. The enemies do not really pose much of a threat unless a big horde of them spawn at exactly the same time.

There are a variety of enemies such as the standard cannon fodder whom are average height and size and are killed with one shot essentially, smaller and quicker monsters that always charge in pairs but in single file so just a few shots and they are done immediately and a very big, slow tank of a monster that can take a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage. This monster tends to be more of a threat when the other monsters are charging at you. This is where it is essential to invest in perks and defences. Placing a turret and a pillow barricade on each side of the room can make a tremendous difference.

Is This My Type Of Game

Well this is down to personal opinion. It is nice to see a top down shooter that could be suitable for children because there is no blood, no core, the weapons are nerf guns, the barricades are pillows and all of the playable characters are children fighting off their nightmares. Since we are so used to twin stick shooters being zombie type, blood filled, gore screaming games it is nice to see a game of a similar style take a more kid friendly approach but for me this game does not keep me enticed to play for numerous hours.

Would I Recommend This Game?

After a few waves of this game I did become bored of the same thing repeating and while I do appreciate how there are different weapons and elements to this game it is not enough for me to keep playing. So in my opinion unless more content is added with new levels, more enemies and a more exciting feel I would not recommend this game to adults but for children, this is a great way to introduce them to action twin stick shooters without all of the blood and gore.

Developer:We Are Fuzzy

Publisher: We Are Fuzzy

Release Date: 26th July 2018

Price: £

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