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Calling all guardians form across the world on all platforms. We have big plans underway for our KGK Destiny Klan’s Raiden & Starfire.

We are going to have a more structured approach with in the Klan’s where one will be for PVE players manly and one for PVP players. however, this does not mean that both type of players can be in whatever Klan they like. It is totally up to you on who, when and how you play.

The reason for this is so that when PVP nights are organized it will be easier to structure the teams, this will also enable us to run Private matches with Raiden Vs Starfire all for fun of course.

When PVE night are organized it will work the same. There is nothing stopping each Klan members helping each other out in fact we encourage this at every given chance. We are not going to exclude any one here and please understand that this is all for fun and any level is welcome. We do not care about KD stats or any of that we just want Destiny players to play together and enjoy the game.

We will be crosspollinating between the Klan’s for hints a tip all the time and it is all about helping each other out. We hope to be able to build a solid raid team from both the Klan’s this way everyone will get a piece of the pie so to speak when it comes to Klan XP.

So with that said here is a few words from our PVP leader Rywok himself:

" I enjoy gaming like all of you, been a Destiny player since back in the day on D1 from day. PVP was never my strong point and I struggled but through sheer determination I have built myself up to be and average player striving for greatness. I have been asked to lead the KGK PVP side of things so anything goes from private matches to training and Klan matches. If you're interested then please drop me a DM on Xbox ( Gt Rywok) and hit me up."

With the forsaken fast approaching, we wanted to ensure we cover all bases and EGX is just round the corner and we would love for KGK members to be on the main stage again winning prizes and taking names. We want to be able to hit the ground running and give all KGK gamers the best experience possible.

In time we will have a dedicated PVE team and Raid team and are always on the lookout for volunteers. Keep an eye out with in the Facebook group, twitter and web site for all the upcoming events we are running and please feel free to join in. all levels are welcome and it is all about enjoying gaming together.

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