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Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends - A KGK Review

Purveyors of the point and click/hidden object genre, Artifex Mundi have returned quickly with the final instalment of the Eventide series, with the aptly named Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends. It’s the usual fantasy stuff that you’d instantly recognise if you’ve ever played any of their games before.

Having not had chance to play or review the previous game, and only the first entry, it’s hard for me to say if they all follow on from one another, but there’s a good reason why a specific section of the gaming community play Artifex Mundi games. Achievements. Yes, they are pretty much an easy 1000g for every release, and this is enticing for achievement hunters, myself included. Now, I’m sure it’s just my bad luck as people have unlocked all of them before me, but a grand total of 3 achievements refused to unlock despite myself meeting the requirements. A slight annoyance meaning I’ll have to attempt to complete the game on a second playthrough, but given how relaxing I find these games, I won’t mind too much. Anyway, I digress. Time to talk more about the game.

Assuming control of Mary, who is a woman of nature and her skeptical brother John who believe magic is all nonsense until he is kidnapped by Zmeys almost at the beginning of the game sets up the story with a rescue mission, which is part and parcel of Artifex Mundi titles. One could argue that it’s repetitive, but it’s something they do well with their stories. A tried and tested formula that suits them.

Hidden object games are as tricky as ever with the right amount included to flesh the game out and keep it fresh enough to prevent boredom setting in. There’s also the battle rune mini-game returning for all of 4 instances which is easy enough to win, and makes a change from the other mini-games on offer.

One point to note is that visually, Eventide 3 is beautiful. It’s a staple of Artifex Mundi games that any fan will be familiar with, and one area of the game I cannot fault. I’ve played a large selection of their titles and they have never let me down. The artists have nailed it once again. Dialogue is of the usual high standard from the voice actors, and coupled with a good soundtrack, Eventide 3 is a worthy addition to your collection.

With so many of their games having made their transition from Steam to console, it’s highly likely that My Brother Rabbit will be one of the next titles to arrive from the developer later this year, and I for one will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand new story and adventure. In the meantime, I’m sure we may well get one or two more ports from their extensive Steam list.


Finishing off the Eventide story, this title is full of tricky hidden object mini-games, devious puzzles and a rich, colourful palette that is pretty much giving your eyeballs a massage. The usual short journey to complete the story to defeat the antagonist via the use of magic and save the day routine that never seems to bore.

Overall Score 8/10

Developer: Artifex Mundi

Publisher: Artifex Mundi

Release Date: 29th June 2018

Price: £ 11.99 or £35.99 for the Eventide trilogy

File Size: 1.60GB

Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Steam

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