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Manticore: Galazy On Fire - A KGK Review

Manticore is an amazing example of Space Action done right. Manticore was previously a Mobile Game, ported over and tweaked for the Switch, and the Developers have hit all the perfect spots during the porting process.

Manticore has easy controls that anyone can pick up. The left analogue stick controls your ships movement, while the right stick controls your boost, braking, and also left and right barrel movements that can be used to get out of an enemies targeting range. Despite the easy controls and the great responsiveness, I found myself crashing into the occasional debris or other ships.

The ZR button will fire your unlimited primary weapons while ZL will fire your stronger, but very limited, missile like weapons, that can deal high amounts of damage and are very useful in boss battles

Using the L and R bumpers will cause you to change the weapon that is currently being used

Some ships also include a use for the A and B buttons, by providing you with a slot to equip useful items such as EMPs and Shield Cloaks. If you find yourself struggling to complete the current mission, you can always back out and change your Loadout to better suit the goal. Management of your weapons will come in great aid once you get the hang of all the different weapons.

The game comes with 9 spaceships that can be unlocked throughout the game, by finding the parts required while free roaming Space. Each of the 9 ships are divided into 3 categories (fighter, scout and gunship) as well as 3 different factions (Terran, Nivelian and Vossk), with each shop containing different hull, energy, shield and missile ratings which can be upgraded similarly to your primary and secondary weapons, granted that you have valid Mhaan-Tiq (A form of currency). Unlike the Mobile version, you are not required to pay for this currency as they're awarded upon the successful completion of missions. Regardless of your upgrade choices, there is absolutely no doubt in the galaxy that these ships look stunning.

Moving onto the way the game preforms, it runs at a solid, buttery smooth 60fps during handheld and TV Mode and while the graphics are not the greatest in the world, they a somewhat decent for a Switch game of this size and value. I found myself to be quite impressed by the different and vast environments that were showcased by the game. The game supports that lovely HD Rumble that is exclusive to the Switch and makes great use of it.


Manticore is an accessable and damn fun game to play, and if space faring shoot 'em ups are your cup of tea, then it's the perfect game for you. Plenty of great gameplay to immerse yourself into, great graphics and a variety of ships to pilot.

Overall Score 8/10

Developer: Deep Silver Fishlabs

Publisher: Koch Media

Rerlease Date: 19th April 2018

Price: $19.99

Nintendo Switch copy provided for review purpose.

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