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Atomic Heist - A KGK Review

Atomic Heist is a rogue-like twin-stick shooter, where the player controls a combat ship that must fight to get out of a space station full of enemies. Atomic Heist has not only been eliminated with numerous opponents, it has also been able to manage the ammunition, collect power-ups to improve speed, quickly escape to avoid the radiation of the place, and find the secrets that facilitate the successful escape.

This is the premise of a nice game that consists of 10 levels that are generated randomly, each of them full of all kinds of enemies trying to eliminate us without thinking.

The game play is very simple, with the right stick you can move, and with the left stick, you can shoot with the great variety of weapons that the game presents, in turn, during the map you can find a wide variety of power-ups that will change an important way in your style of play, from more damage, more rate of shooting to special power-ups, as less damage to enemies but more ammo, etc.

When you start the game, you will notice that the difficulty is a little high, but this change as you play more and more the game, combining the different types of ships and the different types of weapons that it offers, is a great point in favor, the number of variations you can try, to make your departure much more bearable and “easy” in some way.

Visually speaking, Atomic heist is an acceptable game within what we want to present, which makes me think the opposite thing, is the lack of variety in the music that accompanies us during each game, is often monotonous and doesn’t accompany the style of play in any way.

For lovers of achievement, the game offers a total of 1000 GS, doesn’t offer great difficulty, since most achievements are to complete the levels, kill x amount with x weapon, or unlock each of the ships.


Atomic Heist is an acceptable game from my point of view, but it loses its essence because it lacks a good sound to accompany it. The gameplay is fun, something that is needed in this type of games, where you will have to overcome levels until you reach what you want. The great variety of ship customization, either by power-ups or weapons, makes you not lose interest on the game or want to surpass you in each game. All this, makes Atomic Heist is a recommended game for fans of the genre and something different to distract us in our spare time.

Overall Score: 6/10

Developer: Live Aliens

Publisher: Live Aliens

Release Date: 20th April 2018

Price: Xbox One/Steam – £8.99/$10.99

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose

Available on Xbox one and Steam

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