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Terrorhythm TRRT - A KGK First Look

There’s some genres I don’t involve myself with, and rhythm/music games are one such genre that I’ve never really invested time into. Mainly because I’m not all that good at them. But Terrorhythm TRRT arrives in my inbox, and I decided to make it the first game I installed on Steam after receiving my new PC. What had I let myself into?

Upon booting up Terrorhythm, I quickly arrived on the main menu to be greeted by everything in Russian. It also happens to be a language I’m not familiar with in any way. Thankfully, I clicked the options and found the setting that allowed me to switch to English, and then jump into the game and find out what lay ahead.

With 4 difficulty options and a dozen levels to battle through, Terrorhythm looks to have enough content on offer. I naturally started on the easiest setting due to my lack of actual skill in this genre and fearing the worst. Fortunately, there is only 4 buttons to use and only 2 apply to combat. Sounds simple enough, and on the difficulty setting that holds your hand it is. Highly forgiving and allows to to just progress through the levels with ease while pressing the left and right arrow keys to attack your black clad enemies as the swarm you from both directions. Some need a couple of hits, some jump either side of you, and some have shields. Nothing too tough that’s for sure when your stood in the middle of the screen.

Each level is unique from the next, and the clean lines of art and the audio fit the feel of the game. Although the music does become repetitive after a while, I found that I ended up engrossed in tackling the next enemy that came my way. It’s all about timing and repetition, and I slowly got better at it, although not perfect.

One point worth mentioning, is that after some unknown criteria is met, the level just ends and warps you back to the level select screen. I didn’t figure out what it was that made this happen, and it’s all very sudden. There’s no mention of what it is from what I can see on screen.

There’s not really whole lot more to say, and that’s not because I disliked the game, it is the fact it’s a really easy game to pick up and play through the games levels which don’t divert off course from the simple objective and controls. Sometimes it’s relaxing to have to learn so little for a game, and this may not be up your street, especially if it’s not a genre that appeals to you. Certainly a niche title for sure. Although for what you get from that price may raise an eyebrow or two and put potential buyers off for now. It is worth mentioning that it’s an Early Access title, which if you’ve been living under a rock, means that it’s by no means finished. So that means one thing, more content is planned, and all being well, that big that causes the game to freeze will be eradicated.


Enough levels and difficulty settings along with leaderboards to keep you invested long enough. Probably in short bursts though, and if you can forgive the random freezes you may well enjoy it. But the price may be a stumbling block until more content is revealed. There is potential here for a fun game, so keep your eyes peeled.

I won’t be issuing an overall score just yet, and will wait for a more comprehensive version of the game to be released.

Developer: EvilCo Games

Publisher: EvilCo Games

Release Date: 6th April 2018

Price: £15.49

File Size: 2.00GB

Steam copy provided for review purpose.

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