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Western Press - A KGK Review

**SPITS COME CHEWING TOBACCO IN A SPITOON** Me: Say there boy/girl/neutral... DRAW!!!!! **WHIPS OUT AN XBOX ONE PAD AND MASHES LOADS OF BUTTONS THEN SHOOTS YOU DEAD** Ladies and Gentle beans..... This is Western Press!

It's something quite unique to have a competitive and challenging title like this to release with the bare minimum of content yet succeed at being most awesome. The game Is a simple idea but challenging to master. You make a profile, pick a character and along your gun before your opponent by either memorizing or mashing a button combo out asap to get your shot In. In the realm of video games, this really is the best gun fight simulator you’ll find! IT'S SO FRIKKIN ADDICTIVE!!!! So the modes come in 3 flavours:

"Skill tester" tests your skills funnily enough, it's the games response to some form of career or story mode. Draw against increasingly challenging opponents and watch that achievement score pour in!

"Custom Tournament" Is your couch games night with your bezzie or lover option. It Supports two pads, Pick your characters, pick your match conditions and off you pop! "Online" Is magical Interwebz play with someone In France or a lizard man cave. Which was lovely even though I got fisted! The graphics are some well animated pieces of pixel art which I quite like. I think going down the 3D route would have cheapened the style of the game. LOVE the soundtrack, I've currently got it on in the background whilst writing this review. Proper Whiskey drinking Saloon music, Old Western style!



Well there's not much more to say. I know It’s a short Review but It does exactly what it says on the tin, I’ve never been the writer to fluff something for the sake of a word count! Western Press recreates the tension of a good old Western shoot out whilst giving you an overwhelming amount of chuftie badges for pulling the combos off. This is a great title to whip out as a party game, night with the boys or to play with your wife so you actually win one conflict in your time together....

Developer: Paul Godson & Walk with Kings

Publisher: Surprise Attack

Release Date:23/03/2018

Price: £6.29 (Xbox One)

Pegi rating: 12 (Violence)

File Size 500.49MB

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose

Available on: Xbox One & Steam

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