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Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala - A KGK Review

Another point and click game, and another happy reviewer. Yes, I love my point and click games, as they’re just a nice way to relax and enjoy gaming. A welcome break from insane shooters and the like. Throw in some puzzles and hidden object mini-games, and I’m happy as a pig in muck. You know which developer I’m talking about, right? Yes it’s Artifex Mundi, and this time around it’s time to round of the Enigmatis trilogy, with Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala. Let’s investigate further.

You’re a private investigator on the hunt for a preacher with some rather evil intentions that have spanned the two previous installments of the Enigmatis series, and as expected from Artifex Mundi, there’s an element of fantasy about the story. This is their bread and butter, and something that they do very well and has become a huge part of their MO throughout many of their titles.

With over 40 locations to visit on your quest to defeat the Preacher, your journey is one full of mystery, friendship and sacrifice through a beautifully designed set of environments, chock full of detail and lush colours. The quality of art is of high standards and it seems as time goes on, Artifex Mundi keep improving. This is not to say that their earlier work was bad in any way, they just look better. In turn, it makes their games stand out among the saturated market both on Steam and console.

Story wise, it’s a fully voiced narrative and told via cut scenes as well as in real time during the game. With the inclusion of mini games and hidden object games which live up to their name. Some are so well hidden, you’d be hard pressed to find certain items and need to possess a keen eye that’s on par with that of a bird of prey to spot them nestled away in the scenery. Honestly, I don’t mind this, and love the challenge.

The point and click interface is different between platforms, where console get a huge circle when selecting these objects, and Steam has an arrow to precisely pin point an object. This works far better as I found that highlighting an object on console needs precise placement, else you can’t select it. Although this was only on occasion, it’s still annoying as it left me thinking it wasn’t the object I had to find.

Also included with the console release, is a bonus adventure, adding an hour or two to the overall longevity of gameplay, of which totals up to about 5-6 hours. Some people may take longer to complete, or quicker depending on how good you are at solving these puzzles and finding all collectibles. Yes they’ve upped the prices recently, but given the quality, and costs of making games, I don’t mind that extra outlay to support Indie developers.

A huge point to make, is that unlike other games, Enigmatis and the rest of the Artifex Mundi catalogue are far more relaxed in their approach to entertain the game. No stress over solid platforming, no gigantic boss fights, just a relaxing pace which you set, and some fun puzzles to solve. It’s a niche genre which has risen in popularity over the years and can appeal to anyone who enjoys point and click adventures.


The series is now over, and it ends in the manner in which I expected it to be, there’s no denying that. The evil has been vanquished and good triumphed once more. That’s the ending we all want, and playing the hero is always satisfying. Enigmatis 3 has provided closure on the series, and kept up the high quality that we all know and love about Artifex Mundi. So if you’re a fan, then you’d be smart to make that purchase.

Overall Score 9/10

Developer: Artifex Mundi

Publisher: Artifex Mundi

Release Date: 6th April 2018

Price: £11.99/$14.99 - Enigmatis Collection £35.99

File Size: 1.94GB

Xbox One copy provided for review purpose.

Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and more

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