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The Station | Announcement Trailer

Coming to Xbox One in 20th February is a Sci-Fi mystery named, The Station. Developed by talent that has previously worked on; Bioshock Infinite, League of Legwnds and Kingdoms of Amalur. No doubt that The Station will see some love and attention given the quality of titles between them.

The Station is set in the distant future, where an alien race has been discovered on a faraway planet. The crew of a cloaked space station has been tasked with observing these aliens, when they suddenly vanish. You are the recon expert sent in to investigate using the stations augmented reality interface, and tasked with solving puzzles to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the crew.

Fancy your chances at solving the riddle of the disappearing crew? Mark the date in your diary, and prepare for a journey far from the comforts of Earth, and don’t forget to watch the announcement trailer below.

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