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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Making The Music

Today, we have been treated to a video by Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios upcoming RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which has been given the release date of 13th February 2018. A story driven, open world adventure, that allows total freedom to do what you so choose? I think I’m in heaven.

As for the video, Bohemian Symphony, members of Warhorse Studios explain the process involved, and how they chose the various pieces to accompany different scenes within the game. From a rousing orchestral piece during combat, to Gregorian monks as you explore an abandoned church, it’s all there and totally unique for each given situation.

Check out the video below.

Explore locations from deep forests, vibrant villages, majestic castles and many more. Your choices and actions result in consequences through a non-linear story as you; a lowly blacksmith who sets out to avenge your parents death.

Choose perks to define your character, choose your form of combat, whether that be close melee or distant projectile attacks, and complete the quests the way you want too. Do you fight, steal, threaten, bribe or seduce your way through Bohemia? That choice is down to you.

From all that I have seen from Warhorse Studios surrounding their upcoming RPG epic speaks volumes about the teams combined talent with many years of experience within the industry. I’m confident that it will prove to be a success, and sincerely want Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be remembered for the right reasons years down the line. As making an open world game come to life, can go wrong if there’s just not enough to do, and of course, believable characters. So mark that date down on your calendar, and prepare to be alone on Valentines Day.

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver/Warhorse Studios

Release Date: 13th February 2018

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Steam

Rating: PEGI 18

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