Skyfront VR | A KGK Review

November 24, 2018


We are now in a generation where game developers are taking a leap into a long growing
market to create the most intense, immersive VR experience. I mean you have Bethesda
that makes Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom that have taken the dive into making their games
VR compatible. I have just got Fallout 4 VR and haven’t tried it yet, heard mixed reviews but
what doesn’t these days. However this game has nothing to do with Bethesda It’s called
Skyfront VR

For those who do not know what Skyfront VR is, it’s a multiplayer shooter with the style of a
mix between dual weapons or 2 handed weapons but with a weird twist between using
thrusters to get around the map or using a James Bond Nightfire style grappling hook that
took me about half an hour to work out how to use. The syle of the game is really nice, it’s
like a fun, cartoony style to it and the weapons are really cool. You’ve got yourself a
machine gun, rocket launcher, a sniper rifle kind of weapon that you can hold with 2 hands
and a minigun style blaster that kind of looks like one of those speeders from Destiny at the
front that you need to hold with 2 hands or it just looks like you a firing at everything but
the enemy.

Now for the story driven individuals such as myself unfortunately there is no campaign in
this game and that’s a real shame because this type of game would be a really cool
experience to have a well driven story and goal where as of right now it is basically fly
around and make sure you survive. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing of course if you are a
multiplayer nut then this is the perfect game for you however not for story driven people.
I’m a bit of a mix, I prefer story over multiplayer, which is why the Halo trilogy back when
Bungie were good, are my favourite games of all time.

The feel of the weapons are nice and smooth, you have full control even when you are flying
around and grappling around. The maps really put this into good use as well, so there are
gaps that if you go too low will make you leave the map but you can use your grappling
hook and thrusters to get you out of danger, you need to aim your arms in the direction you
want to go so you kind of look like a discount superman not moving anywhere. You look
ridiculous is what I’m trying to say but any VR game you look silly playing, trust me the
missus makes this very clear everytime.


Now I have 2 main problems with this game and they kind of link together so I’ll go for the
first one and that is the bots. If you want to practice on your own the places that would
normally have other players have bots and they are no challenge at all. They will shoot at

ou even if they are behind a wall and don’t try to out manoeuvre your shots, they just fly
straight towards you making them so simple and it takes away the whole concept of
practicing for the real thing and they all have the same weapon, which is a disappointment
because with the weapons that are in the game it would be nice to get a feel for a sniper or
rocket launcher trying to kill you, or practice dodging the minigun aimed right at you.
The second problem is that barely anyone plays this game! That is why the bots are linked to
this problem because barely anyone plays this you have to just go into a game with bots. I’m
not sure why barely anyone plays this to be honest as it does have the potential to be a
great game. I think because after you play 2 or 3 games you feel like you’ve done everything
and are now sensing the lack of replayability, which is how I felt. If there was more diversity
with the maps such as maybe weather changes, moving objects, killzones like electrical balls
flying around so you not only have the dodge those but also the enemies trying to kill you as

So to really get the best of this game you need to play at the right time to find a game,
which is usually around the evening and for me that is around 11pm in UK time meaning I go
to bed around that time so by the time I get into a game I’m falling asleep with the headset
on looking like an idiot. I think what the developers need to do is come out and say “look we
realise our player base is getting quite low, what would you guys like to see in our game that
would bring you back?”. My points would be more maps, weapons, diversity and a


So my verdict of this game is it has huge potential, it is a fun game but only for about 2-3
games. They need to add some serious content for the player base to stay high. As of right
now this is the kind of game I would only get if it was on sale like a Steam Christmas sale or
something but it is the kind of style and feel that more games should try taking in the future,
will be difficult of course but I’m sure no games are hard to develop.


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