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Sun, Sand, and Slaughter: Welcome to Dead Island 2

This my review for Dead Island 2, which i really enjoyed playing, first difficult choice was picking between 6 slayers, all with different skills and traits, i narrowed it down to Jacob the cheeky cockney or the foul mouthed sarcastic Irish burd Dani, so you can guess who i picked!!! so i took my potty mouthed girl and went around drop kicking Zombies into oblivion. Taking place in a very well designed L.A. and surrounding areas, loads of variants of zombies, 31 in total, 32 if you count that creepy clown that scared the living c*!p out of me. Good selection of melee weapons, all with different handling techniques and firearm classes that you could improvise and customise, gun play was good, even if the were big and clunky, very satisfying watching heads pop and chopping off limbs, you can upgrade your skill cards as you level up and progress through the campaign to suit your play style.

There are many different people in and around L.A. to distract you with their side quests and POI's, some you love and some you want feed to the zombies, If your a magpie like me and scavenge everything to sell at the different vendors, remember and see what weapons they have on sale as there are some really good ones to buy early on, there are specials quests to do that will give you legendary weapons, some of these you can only complete after the campaign is done. The nighttime is dark and creepy, terrifying at some times, and the daytime was bright and colourful and still terrifying!! I'm not going to lie, there is some brown trouser/childish screaming moments but man, this game is addictive, always one more zombie to kill or an area to search, depend on your play style you can hack and slash or run and gun, dealers choice. either one is amazing. It's a gore-fest with a lot of well-timed comedy puns from your character. anyway, i would 100% recommend playing this game. Plus they left the ending so there is possibly a 3rd Dead Island

There are no cons to this game, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. 10 out of 10 from me!

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