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Hello KGK this is the first time of me doing this sort of thing, so be kind; here we go………

Starfield is available on both Xbox and PC and is free to play on Xbox Games Pass and Games Pass Ultimate for PC. It is a single player RPG in the mold of Fallout.with open world exploration, a high degree of player freedom and RPG elements such as character customization, skill development, and decision-making that affects the storyline.

Now I have played lots of Bethesda games from oblivion to Wolfenstein and to say I was excited for this, was an understatement.

RPG's have being my go-to game since I started playing computer games. Now I know people will harp on about how it looks so much like No Mans Sky, it does a little but this is a totally different game in its own right.

You start starfield making your character as most RPG’s do. You can use the prefix models or spend hours making your own character. As you progress through the game you can build ships and outposts after you have put enough skill points into them.

The graphics for me were not the best with character models having a feeling of last gen about them but the gameplay far outweighs these shortcomings.

Like many of the RPGS that you play you are given a short tutorial then are left to your own devices. This game does not hold your hand at all after you finish the tutorial and you have to work some of the mechanics out yourself, or as my good friend Carl tells me “Google is your friend” just for that little extra help.

As with most Bethesda games there is a ton of side quests, which do sometimes get a little overwhelming. You also have you faction questlines to get through as well. So, plenty to be getting on with.

Your decisions have an impact on some of the story lines as well, For good or for bad. The longevity of the game is increased with a NG+. it gives you a new play through with some subtle changes.

So to recap. This is a very good game in my opinion. The fact that it came straight on to games pass as on day one was amazing also. Does it have its faults and bugs? yes but what game doesn’t really these days, could the graphics be a little better yes but the gameplay counter acts this. I would give this a solid 8 out of 10

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