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Resident Evil Village: A KGK quick review

Resident Evil Village, the 8th instalment to the horror-genre franchise of the Resident Evil series. Village brings to the table what many long-time fans of the Resident Evil franchise loves. Taking place after the gruesome and horrifying experience with the Baker family from Resident evil 7, Resident Evil Village takes a step in a new direction of horror. With puzzles, familiar combat utilizing the first person perspective, and plenty of breathtaking areas to explore using the well renowned RE Engine developed by Capcom. The game brings forth a new adventure within an isolated European snowy mountain village set in Romania yet brings back many aspects and game mechanics that players have grown to love such as the inventory system.

Players will find that Resident Evil 8 has plenty of replay ability with challenges, extra game modes, and an unlockable difficulty known as the “Village of Shadows” for even the most players willing to push the boundaries of the game's difficulties. I find that where Resident Evil Village thrives is in its replay ability, atmospheric setting, and its rewarding fulfilment when completing some of its many varying challenges. With the ‘Extra Content Shop’ that comes readily available after completing the first playthrough on the Main Story. Players will find that the challenges mentioned previously will unlock ‘CP’ or ‘Clear Points’ that can be used to purchase many things from the shop including Concept Art, Figures that include weapon models and character models, Infinite Ammo for specific weapons that can make further playthroughs all more enjoyable and much easier, and my personal favourite, Special Weapons such as the WCX (a take on the IRL Sig Sauer MCX Virtus SBR).

With its many strengths, Resident Evil Village also has its weaknesses. For a game that became an internet sensation over one of its antagonist characters that the player meets and sold more than 8 million copies in just two years, the game in comparison with its previous counterparts is on the shorter side of gameplay. With that in mind, the game offers plenty of exploration with three noticeably large locations being the Castle, Village, and Factory. While three sizable locations may be enough to sate a player’s thirst to explore, they may find that it is very linear and quite easy to pinpoint where to go to drive the story further. Taking that into account, tracking off the beaten path, easter eggs calling back to previous instalments of the Resident Evil Franchise can be found by a keen Resident Evil Veteran’s eye.

Overall, Resident Evil Village immerses the player in a story driven, action packed, horror game that can appease to all players. Whether it be a newcomer to the Resident Evil franchise or an experienced veteran to its horrors, a casual Sunday gamer or a hardcore challenge-driven gamer, Resident Evil 8 offers an immersive experience for all willing to take up arms in another Chapter within the Resident Evil Universe.

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