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Poke..... Palworld – An Angry PokeFans Dream

The moment you load into pal world and see your first Pika......I mean Ramball, you get a sense of the monster catching vibes that comes from another copyright protected monster catching games, whichever that could be? 

You start in the middle of some off world ruins with nothing but the cloth on your skin. You venture forth, find a stick – find a rock and your off in a survival world full of pals.

The distinct copy of said other game, You build your home and learn to build pal spheres, an “intuitive” form of another well-known shaped home for creatures and with that your all set to roam the land catching and fighting with or against pals, There is an objective of course to clear the towers (basically gyms), you and your pals with either their skills or your weapons, including guns eventually; Yes guns!, It takes a few hundred hours to get there but you eventually do.

The game is fun, to an extent, like any survival game be it Ark or the new Enshrouded it needs countless amounts of time put into it to get somewhere meaningful. If you put that aside it's a joyous ride and a fun game with friends

Palworld is a great game even if you're an adult this isn't no kids game no matter its origins – looking at you Pokémon.

Having played to the first legendary setting I can safely say if u do love Pokémon you'll find this game a blast – as long as u don't mind the survival aspect

There are some issues with bugs and being a game preview means it's not perfect, especially when it comes to crashes I crash nearly every time I play it, it's the only thing really holding it back past survival mechanics


For a game that fun to play but a little broken at preview launch I'll give it a 7/10


Pal world is in game preview on xbox series x/s, pc and game pass

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