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Over 100 Awesome Designs

We just keep adding more awesome designs to our store bringing the widest range of hand airbrushed bespoke controllers available anywhere.

We are currently midway through our "Five Controllers of Gears" to celebrate the impending launch of GEARS 5

We are gearing up for conference season with our team from KGK (Kustom Gaming Kommunity)

attending EGX and being embedded with our friends at RIG Gaming where you will be able to see some of our amazing kustom airbrushed headsets and controllers. if you are attending head over to the RIG Gaming stand and say hi.

Make sure you follow us on our social media and on the website for all of our latest work and why not consider joining our gaming community:

Thanks for taking the time to check out what we are doing and I intend on doing a weekly round up of what we are doing at KK and KGK so stay posted....Game on!

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