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Love it or Hate It

So Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III multiplayer has been out since 10th November 2023 and so far its been a up and down rollercoaster of a launch with players all over the globe venting their frustrations over the game which some saying its a DLC and some saying its a full game however i will be giving my honest review of the multiplayer

So where do we start there is a few negatives and positives and this is my own opinion, Firstly the movement is so much smoother in the game a for example the mantling over objects i found to be so much better then Modern Warfare II (2022) and overall it has a more fluid feel to it so for me that gets a thumbs up.

The UI i did like as this had a MW (2019) feel to it which i thought was a good continuation of the 2019 version of the game however some of the graphic bugs made the game looked rushed.

So Moving on to content at launch there was a good selection of classic maps that have been remastered and given a update and this included everyone's favourite Rust and Terminal which i enjoy playing as we know rust can be quite quick pace and terminal has a varied map layout with new content coming in the coming seasons i can only hope that they rotate the maps a lot more as currently i seem to keep getting the same map for 2 or 3 times in a row,

Like i said the game has been out only a few weeks and updates and tweak's are rolling out which i think is good as there has been a few little gremlins in the system causing strange little worm glitches and graphic issues to name a few.

Overall the game gets a thumb up from me and i do know some of our very own KGK team have had a lot of fun playing domination so keep a eye out on our channels as you may catch myself or KGK Artemis alongside KGK Odin having fun, raging and having a laugh

The game is available on Xbox and Playstation and available on Pc

and there is one thing to left to say

Stay Frosty....

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