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KGK WarDaddy E3 Review

Hello, my name Jamie Moderator here at Kustom Gaming Kummonity please take a short moment of your time to read about my trip to E3 Expo.

So as soon as you get into the building you are guided up the stairs and then you have to follow the signs or the staff at E3 would ask where would you like to go first for me i want to see the Xbox speech so i made my way over there and awaited for Major Nelson to come out and talk about all the upcoming games and upgrades plus some future plans for xbox, after the speech i made my way round all the stalls till i spotted xbox, E3 and other gaming companies were doing a mystery box win or lose prize on day one for xbox i manage to win a Xbox Legend T-shirt, for E3 i didnt win anything but they did have some pretty cool prizes to be won, after all this i started working my round to play some of the upcoming games for the start i wanted to try ANTHEM...OMG that game its purely amazing, the way you fly around like Iron man, all the different Mech suits you can wear with all different special ability, i played as the Tank who is very slow while flying but very good to play as to protect your team as you can run threw Minefields wont even hurt you at all, and yes i said team basically me and 3 other people next to me were all working together so im guessing ANTHEM will be like Monster Hunter World, moving onto assassin's creed ODSSEY....i have been a huge Fan of Assassin's creeds ever since the first one came out but now they have stole my heart the fact that you play as a Roman Male/Female is so Beautifully amazing, the graphics, the sounds the movements and yes its true you have special powers within your weapons, i pre-ordered my Assassin's Creed ODSSEY Pantheon edition on day 2 which has gave me the chance to get a necklace that the character wears within the game, also incase none of you know if you have 100 ubisoft club points you will get a 20% on your pre-order, moving to Battlefield V...HOT Damn!! the campaign is so beautiful the sound of bombs falling, soldiers shouting/Screaming, tanks Rumbling the game play its purely beautiful even the multiplayer is brilliant you can work together with someone to jump over a wall, build a sand bag bunker, artillery really looking forward to this one and hoprfully it wont die as quickly as Battlefield 1 did, moving too...Red Dead Redemption II.... my god this one is alot better that the first one but however to me it did feel abit like GTA in the wildwest but not in a bad way, the story line is fantastic the new cowboy movements, speeches, duals, robbery and murder its just makes you feel like you are inside the game yourself, but try not to annoy the sheriff to much as they have made them harder that what they use to be now, the higher your bounty gets the move of them come plus if your in a city there will be a sheriff with a sniper rifle, and when i say robbery....yes you can rob Banks, Trains etc in this new one which i thing will be brilliant, for the public games within the game 5 finger fillet, gambling, card games and horse shoes are still around, moving too...World war 3 the game our artist God post inside the KGK, its a very brilliant game very much like battlefield 4 mix with abit of call of duty gadgets and Arma play-style but the multiplayer i really enjoyed as you communicate with your team do military emotes and hand signals i really enjoyed it, moving too dying light 2 now we all know dying light is one of the best zombie games but dying light 2 has got alot better with different parkour movements, new zombies and rebel fighters and yes the zombie is still playabke but however the player now has a chance to choose a zombie he wants to play as, also theres a new zombie in the after dark hours which takes 3 new levels players to kill it so hopefully a high level would be able to kill it solo, moving too the shadow of the tomb raider they just get better and better with action and storyline but however the boss fight in this new one is suppose to be the hardest one yet...we will have to see about that ourself but really cant wait for it to come out, moving to....Fallout 76...this is going to be amazing with more openworld, new monsters and rebels plus new companions but i really can not remember where this one is based within the game now lol it going to be fun ti create mods once again even talking about mods i wont start making any till ive completed the full campaign, moving too the division 2...holy smoke its just got hotter and badder being in Washington DC, the new enemies such as the juggernaut is so hard to kill but the new weapons and gadgets are purely aewesome, the new dark zone is not to bad but lets hope there will be better rules for the PVP in division 2 i am looking forward to getting back into division so hopefully it will be something more than just farming events and dark zone once Max level, finally for the last game i played at E3....Call Of Duty Blacks Ops 4 since there isn't campaign which kind of sucks since ive alwayed liked to play the campaign first before any of the multiplayers....but to the point since black ops 4 has a battle royale mode now with playable call of duty characters it is abit of a let down but it is enjoyable at the same time as the characters have specials skills like shield, speed run etc and some of the weapons do what the Ripper did from Ghost, they switch between 2 different weapons of the pistols swap between pistol to sub machine gun, a LMG swaps to a Shotgun mode and a sniper rifle swaps to a assault rifle, but before you start to hate it there isnt any exo suits or super jump its all boots on the ground with future weapons, now for my favourite part.....ZOMBIES....the new black ops 4 zombies is completely amazing, there eyes glow orange they make creepier sounds but some of the new celebrity character are purely exciting even though im not spoiling who they are hehe, so yes there are so many fantastic games coming out within the end of this year and the beginning of 2019 so if you want to enjoy any of these games more than you usually do why not come alone and join our games nights where all the magic happened with the KGK dreamTeam we dont have them for ourselves we also have them for you.

thankyou for your time

Jamie Barraclough

KGK Moderator

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