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FORZA motorsport

Forza Motorsport 2023

Leanne aka KGK-NYX

Forza Motorsport, a release following on from Forza horizon 5 staying true to the claim of being ‘’The most advanced racing game ever made on the most powerful console ever made’’. Available on Xbox Series X/S, PC via the Microsoft store, Steam, and Xbox Game pass for pc, console and ultimate.

With 48X the realism in its engine 500 cars at launch across 29 iconic tracks, maple valley track at the into stage driving a corvette really set the tone for the impeccable graphics and game audio forza lives up to, Hakone Japan race circuit for the first intro race is again the most incredibly design realistic racetracks in game. With practice laps before each game allowing, you to build car XP (CXP).

To see how far Forza has come the likes really do beat the dislikes by a long mile, the only dislike I have, and it is only one is AI the way the AI drivers fight back now really does keep you chomping at the bit for more.

So, in conclusion to my review what I have found overall is that if you’re a car fanatic or die-hard Forza fan the 500 cars at launch across the 20 iconic tracks will keep you invested, gameplay is crisp reactive, but does the AI bite back, yes sir! So, if you want the adrenaline fuelled races with aggressive AI and unlimited cars this one is for you.

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Dave (Sgt Rico) Edwards
Dave (Sgt Rico) Edwards
27 באוק׳ 2023

Such a great game

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