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Dead tomb – Retro puzzling in 2024

As I booted into Collectorvision/Acclaim and 8Bit Legits retro point and click adventure I was met with music reminiscing of 80s and 90s point and click games.

After geeking out over how good the soundtrack sounds in the menu for about 10 minutes I booted into the story. The game starts with your emergency landing of a spaceship/time machine in 1300BC on top of a pyramid. As you start repairs, Pharoah Seti I’s soldiers attack and give you a nice blow to the head. You wake up inside the pyramid you landed on knowing you need to escape.

I was pleasantly surprised with the game, I found it slow paced but fun, Moving felt intuitive going from moving with an analogue stick to a menu for actions point and click style! The puzzles were fun and whilst not too difficult leaving me with a sense of achievement as I completed each one.

I really enjoyed this retro adventure that opened my eyes to a bygone era of gaming and gave back some of the simpler joys of gaming.

Overall, I give the game an 8/10

Fun, and simple enjoyment

Dead tomb is available January 26th on Switch, Xbox one, Xbox Series X/S and a really cool point, a retro release cartridge for for both the orginal Nintendo Entertainment System or Collectorvision Phoenix!

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