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Call of the wild, The angler

Call of the wild The Angler review by JB

From the creators of the Hunter: Call of the Wild (Expansive world's) comes an open world fishing experience! Available on PC firstly last year on Aug 31st and now available from Aug 30th 2023 on console's PlayStation 5,Xbox One, PlayStation 4,Xbox Series X and Series Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Windows, Steam OS Experience the freedom of fishing in a vast open world inspired by real-life locations, Golden ridge reserve & Norway.

Travel through the varied and atmospheric environments by boat, off-road vehicle, or on foot, and discover hidden ponds, tranquil lakes, and local points of interest. Whatever you decide to do, every trip will have you coming back for more trying to get that diamond fish. Purchase tackle with in game currency you collect from catching fish and doing missions and build custom fishing rigs using a wide selection of rods, reels, lures, hooks, floats, and jig-heads. Create your angler and customize their look and attributes.

I've found it hard to find any negatives about this game because it is so good! I guess maybe one would be weather changes like wind directions, rain, cloud etc which would have changing effects on the fishing and species you was targeting maybe overall my experiences on this game are very good, I have encountered little bugs but nothing game breaking for me or nothing that hasn't been or is to be addressed in future planned updates to the game.

Visually it is stunning on XB Series S so I've no doubt its even better on series X or other next gen consoles. as an angler in real life terms, this game ticks every box for me, and is probably one of the best I've played if not THE best.

Even if your not an angler this game is great to relax with.

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