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Ark Survival Evolved

Can be found on PC, Playstation, and Xbox only cross platform with Xbox and PC upon entering into whatever map you decide to pick, start out either on a beach or in the woods where either way you find harmless dodo's you can kill to help you get some of the basic materials that you need to keep yourself surviving along with picking plants and punching trees so you can make yourself basic instruments to help you along the way, but if you end up spawning in the woods or somewhere sketchy you could run face to face with creatures who would love to eat you.

at that point its up to you to decide if you want to outrun a t-rex or decide to try and fight it with your bear hands if that's not the case you can always start out with a simple PT or even A dodo or 2 or however many to help you along the way, eventually when you start getting into the more taming aspects of the game it can get really fun and challenging, almost every Dino takes something different to feed it while you are Taming them, while others you walk right up to and feed them, but that is something that can also be very dangerous.

Now don't get me started on building, when u first start out everything looks like just tiny boxes that people build where as you find the other players who have been playing it for a very long time since beta practically where there bases end up being really huge and have things meshed together that you would never have been able to think of overall one of the best things of the game is being able to be as creative as you would like to be and then some all down from the taming and building traps to tame, learning what dose and dose not work you also can eventually get to the point where you breed your dinos so much that you can get mutated stats and then go into giant boss fights which by the way are really awesome and exciting to do among a whole server of people especially if you all share the dinos to go fight have tanked out dino in all it could be a really easy fight or everything dies and everyone looses.

At the end of the day if you have some really awesome people to work with on a ark server you can achieve some really great things!

the cons of ark though oof don't even get me started on that, if to many things are out at a time you can lag out and move slow across bases or even the entire server and then at random times the whole sever will crash for no reason, sometimes it will even do a full complement rollback which sucks especially if you were breeding or had recently tamed anything you loose it all and have to go out and redo and regret everything.

I definitely would recommend this game for someone who loves dino's, building, exploring, surviving, and remembers to have food and water all the time so we can actually live

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