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A Medium Level Headset Punching Above its' Weight? The LucidSound LS100x

The Lucid Sound 100x gaming headset offers great compatibility with Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile phones for the price of £69.00 or $99.99. With convenient wireless connectivity, the ability to pair with multiple devices makes this a must-have whether it be professional, E-Sports, or even your average Sunday gamer. The Bluetooth feature makes switching between devices a breeze, enhancing the overall gaming experience and allowing players a comfortable and smooth time as they play. The sound quality is crisp, providing immersive audio while gaming. Overall, the Lucid Sound 100x is a solid choice for gamers looking for a versatile and high-quality headset.

The headset has a phenomenal 130 hours of battery life on bluetooth, quick and easy to use audio controls, wireless connectivity, a comfortable and lightweight frame, an integrated dual-mic system, mic monitoring, and voice prompts, this headset leaves little to be desired. Personally, I love that I am able to connect it to my phone and pc if I wanted to. Up to 72 hours of gameplay when using the wireless connection, the Lucid Sound 100x Wireless Headset is unlikely to let you down during those long hours of grinding while providing excellent audio above their price point. Memory foam cushions inside of the headset padding reduce ear fatigue and the lightweight frame make long sessions a pleasure not becoming uncomfortable in even my longest gaming .

Gamers will appreciate the 50mm speakers utilizing Spatial sound with the use of Windows Sonic directional sound which is a necessity in today’s gaming, but the Lucid Sound 100x offers 3 separate sound modes bass boost, signature, and FPS each tailored for specific audio requirements . The wireless range offered via the wireless usb adapter reaches up to 100 feet which is far more than practicably required but is nice to have for those trips to the kitchen mid game. Setting gaming aside, the headset can still be used with your mobile phone like a normal set of headphones and is officially licensed for use with Xbox Series X/S and One consoles, Windows 10/11, and mobile devices.

I’ve personally had issues with the knob controls which take a little getting used to with them controlling game voice and volumes independently but once mastered you will never look back.

Summary: If LucidSound aims to deliver great value for money, it has succeeded with the LS100X. With impressive battery life across both Game Mode and Bluetooth connectivity, the LS100X is a feature-rich headset priced at £69 or $99. While the audio quality can be a bit flat, the LS100X is an excellent deal for those seeking a versatile headset.


  • Exceptional battery life

  • Solid build quality

  • Intuitive on-headset controls


  • Some EQ modes sound flat

  • Can be uncomfortable during long sessions

Game Mode requires the dongle

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